no harm done

no harm done

There was no real damage or seriously bad outcome (as a result of something), so there is no need to worry or get angry about it. Hey, stop shouting! Your brother didn't break the toy, this piece just popped off, see? There, I fixed it, no harm done. A: "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you standing there!" B: "It's OK, you barely grazed me. No harm done!"
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No harm done.

It is all right. No one or nothing has been harmed. It's okay. No harm done. A: I am sorry I stepped on your toe. B: No harm done.
See also: done, harm, no
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ˌno ˈharm done

(spoken) used to tell somebody not to worry because they have caused no serious damage or injury: Forget it, Dave, no harm done.
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A number of people commented on Facebook claiming there was 'no harm done.'.
"I used to do this with cassettes, no harm done give the council something do just kids being kids."
"Condoning vandalism and littering as 'kids will be kids' and 'no harm done, give the council something to do' is a sad indication of some adults attitude to taking responsibility for their own children's behaviour."