no lie

no lie

It is the truth. (Can be posed as a question as well as a response.) A: "You really said that to him?" B: "No lie—you should have seen his face when I did!" A: "They said I'd be getting a 20% bonus this year!" B: "No lie? Wow, that's fantastic!"
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No lie?

Inf. You are not lying, are you? Bill: A plane just landed on the interstate highway outside of town! Tom: No lie? Come on! It didn't really, did it? Bill: It did too! Tom: Let's go see it! Bob: I'm going to take a trip up the Amazon. Sue: No lie?
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No lie!

exclam. Honest!; No kidding! I was there on time. No lie! Ask my sister.
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Not that it's never crossed your mind but, no lie, you truly have zero romantic feelings for him.