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The duke done it, and Jim and me was pretty glad to see it.
It may turn out that adhering to tradition, taking the path of least resistance and doing what has always been done may have been safer in the short-run.
So it's done by an agent today, but tomorrow, you will be able to do the same thing yourself as long as you have a printer with you to get the necessary policy.
Women, for example, are generally less concerned with control and put more effort into relationship development --a virtue for any manager in an emerging business environment where hierarchies are being flattened and business is being done through temporary networks rather than the old vertically integrated monster monoliths.
For this example we'll use State of the Art's MAS 90, but the same procedure can be done using practically any accounting program.
Every time we go out people tell me the tricks that you guys have done that you haven't really done.