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"Trouble has done it, Bilgewater, trouble has done it; trouble has brung these gray hairs and this prema- ture balditude.
So we set in, like we done before with the duke, and tried to comfort HIM.
The duke done it, and Jim and me was pretty glad to see it.
As often as young Hexam stopped, he turned his eyes towards him, as if he were waiting for him to go on with the lesson, and get it done. As often as the boy resumed, Bradley resumed his fixed face.
I have done you plenty of credit, and in improving my own reputation I have improved yours quite as much.
Now, what have you done? Why, you have justified my sister in being firmly set against you from first to last, and you have put me in the wrong again!
I went on with my sewing as long as I could see, and then bade Nancy good-evening; checking her too lively gratitude by the undeniable assurance that I had only done for her what she would have done for me, if she had been in my place and I in hers.
I bore her coarse reproaches with astonishing equanimity, even with cheerfulness; for I was sensible that I had done more good to Nancy Brown than harm to her: and perhaps some other thoughts assisted to keep up my spirits, and impart a relish to the cup of cold, overdrawn tea, and a charm to the otherwise unsightly table; and--I had almost said--to Miss Matilda's unamiable face.
Karen Ford Well done thank God for people like you.
Elisa Aitken: "Wow, well done!" Amy Carson: "Well done Amy!" Gemma Robinson: "Aww, well done Amy."
So the jobs that should have been done and are still not being done is no change to the people of Birmingham because the jobs are not being done and the people in charge can blame the Government cuts for the jobs not being done.
These questions help you determine if something should be done; or, if it is being done, is it nice or necessary--can it be eliminated.
Ingleby Barwick is proud of this huge success." (See Letters, page 18) Gary Adamson, Middlesbrough and working in Singapore: "Well done Kat and Soph, amazingly bringing some gold to the grey North-east.
The Air Force has done an outstanding job of reaching out to the academic community and supporting research and education in areas that are relevant.
"I don't like doing homework, but it's better getting it done and having time to be with my friends," says Craig Jones, 12, of Inglewood, California.