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To get high (become intoxicated) by smoking marijuana. Hey man, Jim and I are going to blaze at his house this weekend, do you want to come? Hey, it's no skin off my teeth if you want to spend your free time blazing, but I have no interest in it whatsoever.
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in. to smoke marijuana. The teacher caught two of them blazing in the john.


n. hell. (Especially with blue.) Just go to blue blazes.
See also: blaze


mod. really good; really good looking; really hot. (see also blaze.) We had a blazing time at Jane and Bob’s wedding reception.
See also: blaze
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According to Quezon Police District, fifteen firetrucks were deployed to put out the blaze.
The Blaze started the game missing forwards Thom Flodqvist and Jake Hansen (injured) as well as Canadian defenceman Justin Hache, who was serving the first game of a two-game suspension following an incident in Saturday night's game against the Belfast Giants.
Investigators continue to probe the cause of the blaze.
It is the second Blaze Pizza in the Oklahoma City area.
Ten fire tenders, a water bowser and one snorkel are taking part in extinguishing the inferno, as the intensity of the blaze is gaining momentum, reported the officials.
People were seen on balconies next to the blaze but just one person was taken to hospital with smoke inhalation.
A Rescue 1122 spokesperson told Dawn that the blaze started at around 1am and 40 firefighters took nearly four hours to control the flames.
Player-coach Andrew Lord was thrown out on a game penalty for excessive roughness after going toeto-toe with Blaze player Kevin Noble.
He and David Ostrowe of Oklahoma City, who operates 14 Burger Kings in that state, have formed Blazing Partners and have, so Flis informs us, the exclusive development rights with Blaze Pizza for all of Arkansas and Oklahoma.
Appearing on US television Kate said: "Bear's second name is Blaze because my husband and I met in a house fire basically.
Roads in the area were closed and homes evacuated while firefighters tackled the blaze, which started at about 5.15pm yesterday.
In the championship game, the Blaze, who entered the competition as the defending champion, found themselves in a battle with the multi-talented Jaguars team, consisting of the top players from the Newton, Wellesley and Norwood area and beyond.
Mobile payment solutions provider Blaze Mobile announced on Thursday the Blaze Mobile Wallet 2.0 application for iPhone as a free download available in the Apple App Store.
FIRE crews fought for hours to tackle a sawdust blaze at an agricultural company near Wrexham yesterday morning.