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1. and zot. (zɑt) n. zero; nothing. I went out to get the mail, but there was zot.
2. tv. to kill someone or something. Sam threatened to zotz Joel Cairo, but it was just a threat.


See zotz
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Twenty-two, or 40 percent of respondents fell into this narrow ZOT.
From 2005, ZOT has been providing IP camera and video server to the world leading IP camera vendor.
b) All strains were positive for tcpA, tcpI, acfB, toxT, ctxA, zot, and ToxR genes as well as for the O139-specific genomic DNA in DNA probe or polymerase chain reaction assays.
Colombo MM, Mastrandrea S, Santona A, de Amdrade AP, Uzzau S, [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] Distribution of the ace, zot, and ctxA toxin genes in the clinical and [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] cholerae.
Director, Business Operations - Carl Caramanna, also from ZOT Group, also joins Camelot Communications to implement new processes to strengthen internal and conference-related business relationships.
As mentioned previously, solitary bone cysts tend to be centrally located, painless lesions occurring almost exclusively in patients <30 yrs These tumors appear lytic, have a narrow ZOT and are most often located in the proximal humerus and femur (Figure 4).
ALBANIAN * "N qoft, Zot se ka nj bukuri virtyti, Dhndri juaj shte m i hijshm sesa i zi.
cholerae strains were examined for the presence of ctxA, ctxB, zot, ace, toxR, [tcpA.
THE FLASH floods that struck Leh town and its neighbouring areas destroyed the food storage area ( zot ) in every house.
There are some steep flights of stairs to negotiate as the brewing process is explained, but the reward is a panoramic view of Bruges from the roof and a welcome glass of the house brew, Brugse Zot (Bruges Fool), in the family's tavern.
After the January unrest, violence flared again 10 days ago with attacks on the mostly Christian villages of Dogo Nahawa, Zot and Ratsat just south of Jos, in which hundreds more people are feared to have been killed.
The attackers also set fire to dozens of houses in the nearby villages of Ratsat and Zot, all less than 10 kilometres (seven miles) from Jos.
339 (1998); Amihai Radzyner, Ha-mishpat ha-'ivri eino Halakhah (u-vekhol zot yesh bo 'Erekh), [Mishpat 'Ivri Is Not Halakhah (But It Still Has Value)], 16 AKDAMOT 139, 141-43 (2005).
Some (again, allowing for the fact that gift-giving is not universal) give gelt, a Yiddish word for money, while others give gifts, and then sometimes spreading elements of the gift-giving out over the eight days so that it becomes a whole by Zot Chanukah, the final day.
When Lily's medicinal compound has given way to some other Sixties "classic" we concentrate on Brugse Zot (6% alcohol by volume), a fairly malty beer with a biscuity rush and a touch of fruity hop.