zoom to

zoom someone or something (over) to someone

to send something to someone very fast. Please use my car to zoom Molly over to the bank. Would you zoom this package to the downtown office?
See also: zoom
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TruePic TURBO allows the D-580 Zoom to capture information from all 4.
Logitech face-tracking software, included in the package, takes digital zoom to a new level by automatically enabling the camera to pan, tilt and zoom-in on a person's face -- keeping it centered during a video instant messaging session or when recording a video email.
In turn, Boca will outsource support to Zoom to provide customers with a single point of contact.
However, a pullback by some of the best-known players in the analog modem business is creating opportunities for Zoom to expand its analog modem market share and to secure additional shelf space.
Many of the roots for CU-SeeMe and White Pine Software lie in the Macintosh community, so it is important for us to be working with leading hardware vendors such as Zoom to make affordable bundled solutions readily available to Macintosh users.
The PDR-M5 also comes equipped with a 2X digital zoom which can be utilized as a stand-alone setting or used in conjunction with the 3X optical zoom to provide 6X zoom capability.
today announced that Motorola's Imaging and Entertainment Solutions (IES) group has selected ZOOM to handle public relations operations for Motorola's Media Processing and Platforms, and Digital TV, Digital Audio, Digital Image Capture and Video Communications.
Consumers can use the 3X optical zoom feature to capture images from 34mm to 102mm or the 2X digital zoom to crop-on-the-fly, reducing file sizes and conserving memory.
The interoperability of our ADSL products with all major industry standards enables Zoom to leverage the design simplicity of a single device across multiple product lines, affording them cost-benefits through both economies of scale and by reducing the engineering resources required to bring a product to market.
A sturdy, unbreakable nylon clip is included, allowing the Unilite Zoom to be attached to a coat pocket, safety strap, or belt.
Canon's eDrive provides: nine user-definable function profiles; a choice of manual, digitally assisted, or fully programmed control; and instant "Shuttle Shot" to zoom to the longest focal length for quick check of focus and back focus.
Both the new Canon VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera and the new Canon VB-C50i/VB-C50iR Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera feature an advanced 26X Optical Zoom Lens and a 12X Digital Zoom to enable users to capture fine detail from far distances and crisp 640-by-480-pixel resolution video with up to 30 frames-per-second quality.
You can use Zoom to create search engines for your website, local Intranet or even for CD-ROM, and offline distributions.
Connecting the D-630 Zoom to a computer is easy with the USB Auto Connect feature, which connects the camera directly via USB 2.
Connecting the C-7070 Wide Zoom to a computer is easy with the USB Auto Connect feature, which connects directly via USB 2.