zoom across

zoom across (something)

to run or move across something very fast. The missile zoomed across the sky. We looked at the sky just as a comet zoomed across.
See also: across, zoom
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car-sharing schemes and forlorn demands for featherweight cyclists to be allowed to zoom across the bridge.
You'll zoom across the water to pristine beaches, secluded coves and deserted islands.
It's daunting at first - but soon you'll be swerving and whooping as your buggies with sails zoom across the huge expanse of white sand at breakneck speeds.
The otherwise quiet airport area witnesses a flurry of arrivals, even as cars zoom across to the epicentre of activity-the Castle Stuart Golf Links, where the Scottish Open Golf Championship is being hosted.
Technologists at the University of Pennsylvania have created 'RHex' and hope that it could one day climb rubble in emergency rescue situations or zoom across scorching desert sands with its six whirling, springy legs, CNN reported.
Users can search for locations by place name, postcode, Ordnance Survey Grid reference and then seamlessly zoom across the range of maps to get a range of perspectives.
Low-flying aircraft can be annoying and even frightening when they suddenly zoom across the sky out of nowhere.
With motorists on two wheels expected to zoom across the city, the JJ Flyover bridge will remain closed for motorbikes and scooters from 9pm tonight to 5am tomorrow in an attempt to avoid accidents.
Imagine no internet to help with study, no car to get to work or the shops in and imagine no budget airlines to zoom across to some European city for a weekend of shopping and socialising.
Thousands of motorists probably pass this place every day as they zoom across the nearby city bound lanes of the Expressway above.
They will perform at the awards, then zoom across town for the best afterparty of the year.
Photos are placed against a musical backdrop and move, pan and zoom across the screen.
She remembers children from her neighborhood going over to the old Grand Central Air Terminal to watch the P-38 fighter planes zoom across the sky.
A beam of light can zoom across the United States in far less time than it takes you to blink your eyes.
Jet boats zoom across the Med from Sorrento at regular intervals on the short trip to the spectacular Isle of Capri with its awe-inspiring views and mountains overlooking the bright blue sea.