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it's feeding time at the zoo

A large group of people are eating together in an uncivilized, unorganized, or uncontrolled manner. Every day at 12:30, it's feeding time at the zoo in the cafeteria. I usually just avoid it and eat on my own in the courtyard.
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it's a zoo

Also, what a zoo. This is a place or situation of confusion and/or disorder. For example, Mary's got all these house guests with children and pets-it's a zoo, or We're in the midst of moving our office and files are all over the place-what a zoo! [Slang; late 1800s]
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it's a zoo

People say it's a zoo to mean that a situation is noisy and uncontrolled. Les Baux's views may be gorgeous, but at nearly two million visitors a year, it's a zoo.
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and waa-zooed (ˈʍɑˈzud and ˈwɑˈzud)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Pete was too waa-zooed to stand up.




n. a confusing and chaotic place. This place is a zoo on Monday mornings.


mod. drunk. Sam likes to go out and get zooed every weekend.
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stew zoo

An apartment house in which many female flight attendants lived. Back in prepolitically correct days, female flight attendants were called “stewardesses” and had the reputation for being attractive and, even better to the male mind, “fun” (Frank Sinatra's hit ballad “Come Fly with Me” became something of an anthem). Stewardesses (or a many self-styled hip males called them “stewardii”) shared apartments, a rentsaving arrangement that appealed to their lifestyle because one or more was usually traveling. Apartment buildings in large cities, especially ones with easy access to airports, that attracted the young women were known as “stew zoos.”
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