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Zoo does not heed national zoo guidelines that call for the social behemoths to live in groups of no less than three.
Then they reviewed publications from zoos and several mink and fox farms, mostly in Europe and the United States, on some 300 captive animals.
Our main feature did discuss the positive happenings in part of the zoo community, and my E Word is an editorial accompanying it.
If you spot one of our new Zoo vehicles driving around town or parked at a school, you're going to instantly think about Nashville Zoo," said Jim Bartoo, marketing and public relations director for the Zoo.
He said that the management arranged dumping of sand around pond in the zoo where a couple of crocodiles had been residing so that female crocodile could gave eggs and could conceal them into sand as it was its natural instinct to conceal its eggs.
Considering Ruby has been on public display at a circus and in various zoos for more than 40 years, it's time to just let her be an elephant again.
The Wilds, the National Zoo and ITG hope to make Przewalski horses a flagship species for restoring an ecological balance in Mongolia.
Two years after the Smithsonian opened its insect zoo, the Cincinnati Zoo dedicated a separate building to a World of the Insect exhibit.
that have been shown at the Minnesota Zoo in suburban Minneapolis.
They got it,'' said Los Angeles Zoo General Manager John Lewis, general manager of the zoo, which is hosting an anniversary celebration this weekend.
Working from her current post at the New Orleans-based Audubon Nature Institute, home of the Audubon Zoo, and her former post at the Cincinnati Zoo's endangered species research center, Dresser has produced the world's first test-tube gorilla.
Although prospects for captive pandas have turned rosier in the past few years, the zoo population of 100 or so animals worldwide has yet to yield enough new cubs to sustain itself.
In 1984, he was appointed by then Mayor Charles Royer to chair a 50-member Zoo Commission at a time when the Zoo was at a crossroads.
A much-anticipated necropsy report for Gita the elephant, the 48-year-old Asian pachyderm that died at the Los Angeles Zoo in June, failed to determine whether a delay in reporting her worsening condition contributed to her death.