zonked out

zonk out

1. To drain the mental or physical energy from someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "zonk" and "out." Often used in passive constructions. Sitting out in the sun all day really zonked me out! The kids were zonked out after swimming at the beach all day long.
2. To fall asleep or lose consciousness. I can't believe I zonked out on the couch like that! How long was I asleep? Don't zonk out while you're driving—pull over and take a nap if you need to!
3. To intoxicate someone; to alter or inhibit one's senses. Said of drugs, whether prescription or recreational. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is be used between "zonk" and "out." I don't like the way marijuana zonks me out, so I just don't ever smoke it. The pain pills his doctor gave him really zonked Jeff out.
See also: out, zonk

zonked (out)

and zounked (out) (zɔŋkt... and zɑʊŋkt...)
1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. She’s too zonked to drive.
2. mod. exhausted; asleep. She was totally zonked out by the time I got home.
See also: out, zonk
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She wrote songs, kept a journal, but soon grew tired of finding Buckingham on the living room rug zonked out from smoking hash.
Is that why there's so many mass shootings in America - because the perpetrators are legally zonked out of their minds?
Homeland on Channel 4 is getting more like American series 24 with every episode and Public Enemy Number One, aka Brody, is currently zonked out on drugs and staring into space.
Settling for a sarnie, I head back, and it's like stumbling through a house party at 4am - stepping over legs, girls gossiping and laughing, empty wine bottles and a lad zonked out, face on table, tongue lolling like a St Bernard.
Never mind lotus eaters, modern Tunisia can leave you zonked out and chilled out, too.
With hindsight, I should have only taken one, because they left me zonked out for much of Sunday, giving me weird, druginduced dreams.
As long as we don't get zonked out on sentimental detritus.
Lizzie Borden was acctually acquitted of murdering her parents, mainly because she was zonked out on laudanum while they were being chopped into cutlets.
AT REST: Amy zonked out after her ordeal Pictures: LAWRENCE / KEEBLE / SPLASH NEWS
He zonked out at the top of a 50-storey skyscraper he is helping to build.
30am, zonked out pretty quickly and were blowing away the cobwebs in the gym before midday, which is the best way to adjust to the different time zone.
Although zonked out on a cocktail of downers, he gets a new lust for life after rebonding with his childhood friends and meeting the free-spirited Sam (Natalie Portman).
Naomi Campbell Naomi is totally zonked out in the back seat of the car.
Sometimes he would get zonked out, freeze and just stare into space.