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The A- Team actually seems clear about its target audience base: video game- zonked teenagers who love to stare at a screen that keeps non- stop action coming.
As long as we don't get zonked out on sentimental detritus.
But I think the genius of the Gurus concept is that it promotes a 'wholesome funkiness.' The kids aren't zonked out on drugs and they're not destroying themselves, and when you ask if they like working at Gurus, the response is always the same, 'Oh, I love it!' That's not because they get paid a lot either; it's because of the quality of the other kids with whom they work."
Each of some 2,200 folks allegedly forked over $1,000 for a chance to eat the Sheraton Hotel and Towers buffet, get zonked at the open bar, mingle for an hour and watch the perfectly coiffed women elbow their way to the front of the blue rope to witness the Republican Love-In.
"I was zonked. When someone with Alzheimer's is home, you don't sleep many nights.
Listen to what he or she says and avoid getting zonked. (Just kidding!) Fact is, you do need to learn a few things.
Failure at any of these tasks can mean getting zonked on student evaluations and, consequently, failing as a professor.
And it's not in the mainstream media; you can get totally zonked there.
Lizzie Borden was acctually acquitted of murdering her parents, mainly because she was zonked out on laudanum while they were being chopped into cutlets.
She wrote songs, kept a journal, but soon grew tired of finding Buckingham on the living room rug zonked out from smoking hash.
zonked bonker Dominic had been boozing for 12 hours
Is that why there's so many mass shootings in America - because the perpetrators are legally zonked out of their minds?
I was zonked out of my skull since I had stayed up very late the previous night, and I couldn't function.
Later, suitably zonked, he tries to break into the locked building to retrieve it and ends up slashing his hand.