zone (something) for (something)

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zone (something) for (something)

To set a restriction as to what can be built on or done to a specific area. Often used in passive constructions. They zoned the entire are for commercial buildings years ago, so even though the city is in dire need of housing, they can't legally be built there. Huge parts of the city are zoned for parks and other forms of green space, which has constrained its ability to bring in new businesses and residences somewhat.
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zone something for something

to specify what can be built or what can be done within a particular legally defined area within a governmental area. Did the council zone this area for business? They zoned this area for residences.
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zone for

To restrict some section of an area or territory to some specific use: That area used to be farmland until the city zoned it for industrial use. That entire block is zoned for residences, so you can't open a business there.
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New height and setback, open space, and yard regulations will be applicable to structures in medium- and high-density residential zones for the purpose of preventing the construction of relatively tall and wide apartment buildings which might obstruct waterfront views from the surrounding neighborhood.