zone (something) for (something)

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zone (something) for (something)

To set a restriction as to what can be built on or done to a specific area. Often used in passive constructions. They zoned the entire are for commercial buildings years ago, so even though the city is in dire need of housing, they can't legally be built there. Huge parts of the city are zoned for parks and other forms of green space, which has constrained its ability to bring in new businesses and residences somewhat.
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zone something for something

to specify what can be built or what can be done within a particular legally defined area within a governmental area. Did the council zone this area for business? They zoned this area for residences.
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zone for

To restrict some section of an area or territory to some specific use: That area used to be farmland until the city zoned it for industrial use. That entire block is zoned for residences, so you can't open a business there.
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Areas of the community district that already prohibit attached housing, such as most of Country Club and Spencer Estates or areas zoned for medium density development, such as portions of Pelham Bay, were not included in the current study.
Even if Hoffman Estates acquires the land, developing affordable housing there remains unlikely, because vacant land is expensive and zoned for commercial development, village officials said.
At that time, two-thirds of the land was zoned for agricultural use and one-third was zoned as wetlands under Federal wetland regulations.
As a result, Lakewood's property remained zoned for agricultural use.
Areas zoned for residential use are the most difficult to advertise in.
Residents living in a converted warehouse may complain about billboards shining into their apartments at night, despite the fact that their neighborhood was zoned for manufacturing.
Most of Soho is zoned for manufacturing, and the only as-of-right use with a residential component is joint living/work quarters for artists, a residential-manufacturing hybrid use available only to persons certified as artists by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.
The relevant facts in Neville are as follows: In 1988, a developer purchased property which was zoned for a medium manufacturing facility with floor area ratio (FAR) of two, known as M2-3 zoning.
For real estate developers, the primary significance of the Waterfront Plan is that: (1) Certain sites or types of sites on the waterfront now zoned for industrial use are seen as suitable for rezoning to enable housing or retail use which may have a higher economic value; and (2) Most new residential or commercial developments on the waterfront would have to be built in a relatively low- or medium-rise, high coverage form, and would also have to provide public esplanades or pathways along or leading to the shoreline, and visual corridors enabling unobstructed views of the water.