zone as

zone (some place) as (something)

To mark the boundaries of a particular area for the express purpose of becoming or serving as something. The city council has zoned the patch of land as a residential area, barring any corporate development on the site. The government zoned the entire region as a federal park decades ago.
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zone something as something

to create a particular legally defined area within a governmental or other local area. They zoned this area as a shopping district. The city council zoned the vacant lot as a park.
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Alaska's Aleutian Islands are in the same time zone as what other state?
As each defender reads pass, he must drop to his assigned zone as quickly as possible while keeping his eyes on a swivel.
HUD guidelines define an empowerment zone as including areas that are pervasively poor.
Linebacker location is a key for us on the inside zone as it dictates when to come off our double and slip to second level.