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zipper head

n. a man with his hair parted in the middle. Some zipper head behind the counter told me I couldn’t come in without a shirt.
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zipper morals

n. loose morals that lead to the easy unzipping of clothing. Ah, youth and its zipper morals!
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executives at what was then the largest manufacturer of zippers in the world circulated memos questioning the safety of the device used so close to the genitalia:
JUKI and YKK plan to complete and put on the market their first jointly developed sewing machines for attaching zippers onto products by the end of the fiscal year 2017.
Now I don't have to spend a cent to have these uniforms repaired, and I am also assured that the replacement zippers are very safe for my children," Lonoza added.
Its proprietary 'evacuation port' technology prevents clogged zippers and enables unused portions of products such as flour, sugar, and grains to be kept fresh and secure in their original packaging.
For more than 20 years, Fresh-Lock has been a leader in reclosable technology and the Fresh-Lock[R] zipper is one of the top brands used in stand-up pouches nationwide.
A return trip to The Zipper had Rattray blasting graceful nollies over the bar and Jamie calling for a re-match, this time with a frontside tailslide.
Zippers are available in lime Whiskey Drop, lemon Tijuana Tease, orange Vodka Splash, and cherry Rum Rush flavors.
PHOTO (Color in Simi and Conejo Editions only) JT & the Zydeco Zippers perform Saturday at the 10th annual Cajun Creole Music Festival in Simi Valley.
As zipper closures have gotten better and more widely available, other approaches have appeared to provide zip-less reclosing that some consumers prefer for some product categories.
Of the acceptance-of-improvement model, Friedel says "One of the great values of the story of the zipper is that it makes it apparent that such a deterministic view of our world simply makes no sense" (p.
Longer zippers to make garments easier to put on and take off.
The new work also clarifies the atomic nature of so-called leucine zippers stretches of amino acids that bind two proteins into two-molecule complexes called dimers, which regulate gene activity Confirmation that leucine zippers are actually coiled coils will help scientists understand how these proteins regulate the on-and-off switching of genes, comments Steven L.
Zippers open its three shelves Knocking out interior walls and redividing space gave this kitchen remodel a feeling of spaciousness while creating new access to the floor above.