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zipper morals

euphemism, old-fashioned Sexually promiscuous or permissive attitudes or morals. An allusion to the unzipping of clothes. The preacher decried the so-called "zipper morals" that he said were corrupting the youth of the country. A: "Aunt Mary says Tina is pregnant because she has zipper morals. What does that mean, Mommy?" B: "Don't listen to your Aunt Mary."
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1. offensive slang A person of East Asian descent. Used especially in reference to people from Korea, originating among American soldiers during the Korean War. Primarily heard in US. When I found out my uncle had called my fiancée a zipperhead, I promptly struck him from the guest list for our wedding.
2. slang A person who has had to undergo brain surgery, especially as the result of having a Chiari malformation. The term is often used by those who have undergone the surgery, but it could be offensive if used by someone else. We refer to ourselves as zipperheads in our support group in order to make light of the scars left over from surgery.
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zipper head

n. a man with his hair parted in the middle. Some zipper head behind the counter told me I couldn’t come in without a shirt.
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zipper morals

n. loose morals that lead to the easy unzipping of clothing. Ah, youth and its zipper morals!
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