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zipper head

n. a man with his hair parted in the middle. Some zipper head behind the counter told me I couldn’t come in without a shirt.
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zipper morals

n. loose morals that lead to the easy unzipping of clothing. Ah, youth and its zipper morals!
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Unzip the zipper and pin the zipper tape in place along the pillow-front lower edge, making sure the marks remain 2 1/2" from each end.
The acceptance of the zipper was questioned for many years.
There were also at least three vehicular accidents that occurred along the northbound lane of Edsa in Makati and Mandaluyong cities just a few hours before the opening of the zipper lane.
Carefully sew several times over the zipper end that extends beyond the edge of the bag.
Cohen said she was "devastated" by the incident, but said that the split zipper was a result of "nature," and not her fault.
The zipper bag made from virgin polypropylene food grade material employs 'perfect seal' and 'fresh lock' technologies, saving time and keeping food fresh throughout the day.
You want to just pour mineral oil all over the patient's genitalia and the zipper.
This is especially true when zipper tape (the material part of a zipper) starts to let go from the canvas.
Packages can be closed by folding and locking the zipper, without any need to tuck it into the gusset.
Conservative assembly leader Nick Bourne had asked the minister for details of any studies on zipper lanes which are extensively used in the United States.
Rollstock's RZ-200 Zipper Packaging Machine is designed for luncheon meats, pepperoni, bacon, and any food or non-food products that require a reliable, consumer-friendly reclosable feature.
Zip-Pak, the leading provider of resealable zipper technology, introduces its line of Leak-Proof[TM] zipper profiles.
Visitors to IPACK-IMA can view Zip-Pak's latest zipper technologies and applications at Hall 5, Stand 3.
Now, milling attachment manufacturer Asphalt Zipper Inc.