zip past

zip past someone or something

to run or move past someone or something very rapidly. The deer zipped past the hunter, who stood there, startled. The cars zipped past the intersection.
See also: past, zip
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It's a nice drop of red but the aromas win out as in the mouth the spice and acidity zip past the fruit flavours.
It's just as well: The New Horizons probe that will zip past Pluto today is better equipped to delve into what has become one of the most productive fields of planetary study - a field that scarcely existed in Voyager's day.
The most dangerous aspect of this industry equation, is this: you comply, you go with the flow, you do not push boundaries; and when someone else threatens to zip past, you're an active part of the universe that brings them down.
Nowadays, you can't move as a skier for all the snowboarders who zip past you
Dubai-based Flybike Fun Dubai, a first of its kind service launched by a bike enthusiast, lets out a fleet of Honda Gold Wing 1800s - both motorbikes and trikes - on which you can zip past the city's landmarks to the beat of your favourite music.
So Mizerick rocked into his delivery and let a fastball zip past the batter for the final out.
Shamefacedly self-referential and violent, photon torpedoes, phaser fights, space battles and armour-suited Klingons zip past.
Cars and other vehicles of different make, models you won't get to see in India, zip past in opposite directions.
and other countries to zip past, circle or set down on Mars have gone awry.
Walcott made a few incisive runs past the City defence and saw a shot zip past the far corner.
In the 70th minute he let fly from almost 25 yards and it battered off the back of Cardle to zip past Randolph.
Torres's witty text synergizes perfectly with the art, and is full of wry pop culture references that will entertain even an adult reader (in fact, one wonders if some such references might not zip past the books' target audience.
Again, no problems, either with my driving or the Potato's occasionally vague roadholding, although I did zip past the exit for Catterick and got myself in a certain sweat by coming back the other way in a vaguely haphazard manner.
Customers pick the plates they want as they zip past them and the bill is totted up at the end of the meal.
Wolves managed to get to the break without any more damage, but just ten minutes into the second half, Chelsea made it a four-star performance when the hapless Hennessey allowed Joe Cole's 20-yard drive to zip past him.