zip past

zip past someone or something

to run or move past someone or something very rapidly. The deer zipped past the hunter, who stood there, startled. The cars zipped past the intersection.
See also: past, zip
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The last gigantic asteroid that will zip past Earth this month is called ( 1998 FF14 .
A massive asteroid that is nearly as tall as the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa in Dubai - will zip past Earth early next month.
Hugo turns to run as more arrows zip past either side of his head.
Although the law mandates proper headgear for bikers in the Indian capital, it is common to see youngsters zip past either without a helmet or with one dangling from their arms, undaunted by the threat of a Rs1,000 fine.
And it was Johnstone's nous to put in a perfectly weighted grubber kick in a going-nowhere move that saw full-back Blair Kinghorn zip past defenders to collect a kind bounce and touch down.
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will zip past the scrawny, icy object nicknamed Ultima Thule soon after the stroke of midnight.
Although the team gained an upper hand in some sessions of the Test series, the batsmen have been inconsistent and the bowlers, who impressed with their tight lines, failed to zip past the lower-order of the English batsmen.
It's a nice drop of red but the aromas win out as in the mouth the spice and acidity zip past the fruit flavours.
All along, Murray's body language was as negative as his play: He gnawed on his knuckle after seeing an ace zip past; slapped his forehead with his palm after one forehand found the net; bowed his head and slumped his shoulders after another did the same.
Dubai-based Flybike Fun Dubai, a first of its kind service launched by a bike enthusiast, lets out a fleet of Honda Gold Wing 1800s - both motorbikes and trikes - on which you can zip past the city's landmarks to the beat of your favourite music.
Shamefacedly self-referential and violent, photon torpedoes, phaser fights, space battles and armour-suited Klingons zip past.
Cars and other vehicles of different make, models you won't get to see in India, zip past in opposite directions.
and other countries to zip past, circle or set down on Mars have gone awry.
In the 70th minute he let fly from almost 25 yards and it battered off the back of Cardle to zip past Randolph.
And the best view in the building belonged to ex-Minuteman James Marcou, who watched the puck zip past his face and past Portland goalie David Leggio before dinging the crossbar.