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zip along

to move along very fast. The motorcycle zipped along nicely. Let's zip along and get there on time.
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zip past someone or something

to run or move past someone or something very rapidly. The deer zipped past the hunter, who stood there, startled. The cars zipped past the intersection.
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zip something on

to put on a piece of clothing and zip it up. She zipped her jumper on and headed toward the door. Zip on your jacket and let's go.
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zip something up

1. to close a zipper. You should zip that zipper up. You should zip up that zipper.
2. to close a garment by zipping a zipper closed. You had better zip your jacket up. You had better zip up your jacket.
3. Sl. to close one's mouth. (Fig. on {2}.) Zip your mouth up, Fred! Zip up your mouth, Fred.
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Zip (up) your lip!

 and Zip it up!
Inf. Be quiet!; Close your mouth and be quiet! "I've heard enough. Zip your lip!" hollered the coach. Andy: All right, you guys. Shut up! Zip it up! Bob: Sorry. Andy: That's better.
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zip by

1. To pass quickly, as of a moving object or an interval of time: The summer zipped by so fast that we didn't get the chance to do half of the things we planned to.
2. To pass someone or something quickly: The cars zipped by the people on the side of the road.
3. To pay a brief visit: My friends zipped by for a quick lunch.
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zip through

1. To accomplish or proceed with something swiftly and energetically: She zipped through college in just three years.
2. To read something quickly and with ease: I zipped through five chapters of Great Expectations in less than an hour.
3. To move rapidly through something: The bird zipped through the air to its nest.
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1. n. nothing. There was no mail today. Nothing. Zip.
2. n. a score or grade of zero. Well, you got zip on the last test. Sorry about that.
3. n. vigor; spunk. Put some zip into it. It’s too ho-hum.
4. in. to move to a place fast. I’ll zip to the office and get a new form.
5. n. a worthless person; a person who amounts to zero. Garth is such a zip. No brains in his head at all.
6. n. an ounce of a drug. How much for a zip of hash.
7. n. cocaine. He’s freezing his nose with zip nearly every night.

zip along

in. to move along rapidly. Days are zipping along, and we’re all getting lots done.
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zip gun

n. a homemade handgun. (Underworld.) The kid had a zip gun, so I didn’t argue.
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Zip (up) your lip!

and Zip it up!
exclam. Be quiet!; Zip up your mouth! Shhhh! Zip up your lip! Zip it up and keep it zipped.
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Zip it up!

See also: zip

Zip your lip!

See also: zip


mod. drug intoxicated. (Drugs.) The kid is too zipped to talk.
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For more than 25 years, Oak Park residents have sought their own ZIP code, which they said would distinguish them from neighboring communities.
Postal Service spokeswoman Terri Bouffiou said ZIP codes never were intended to be used for anything other than sorting mail.
Postal Service officials have twice turned down requests to give the community its own ZIP code, stating that the new code would not save money or improve customer service.
Schillo said the next step in the fight for a five-digit ZIP code to distinguish Oak Park from Los Angeles County will come after the November election.
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Iomega's award-winning Zip drive, introduced in 1995, has become an extremely popular storage solution in both PC and Macintosh markets.