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zenith of (one's) career

The highest point of one's career. Now that I got a big promotion, I'm at the zenith of my career—it can't get any better than this!
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at the zenith of

At the maximum degree of. Disco was at the zenith of its popularity in the 1970s.
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at the zenith of something

Fig. at the highest point of something; at the pinnacle of something. Tragically, at the zenith of his career, the teacher died suddenly. The scientist was at the zenith of her career when she made her discovery.
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For more information on the Zenith Renu AAA Ancillary Graft from Cook Incorporated, visit www.
To date, more than 20,000 Zenith endografts from Cook have been placed in patients worldwide, and more Zenith endografts have been sold in 2005 than any other device for endovascular treatment of AAA.
4 percent of all patients, and in 100 percent of Zenith
The two-year results from our Zenith AAA graft system are a strong testament to the product's technological superiority and proven effectiveness for treating patients with these types of aneurysms," stated Barry Thomas, global leader of Cook Incorporated's endovascular therapies division.
The advanced features of the Zenith AAA system include suprarenal fixation with anchoring barbs and a modular graft design incorporating woven polyester supported by independent, stainless steel Z-stent bodies to provide increased stent/vessel apposition to minimize endoleaks and graft migration.
The company introduced its latest-generation endograft design, the advanced Zenith Flex(TM) AAA Endovascular Graft, at the Vascular 2004 meeting.
Physicians in the United States and around the world are adopting the Zenith AAA Endovascular Graft enthusiastically for most, if not all, of their endovascular AAA patients due to the device's ease of use and overall benefits, as well as the level of physician support and training we provide," explained Thomas.
Zenith intends to continue AGC-SIF's Florida workers' compensation business under the direction of the Fund's existing management.
The transaction will provide Zenith the opportunity to expand into the Florida workers' compensation market with an experienced management group and an established book of business,'' said James P.