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Yes, I know, but I ordered two Zappy burgers with fries and Coke, not two Zappy meals.
Making his pleasure evident, O'Brien said: "He was nice and zappy, and you could see the movement and action, the movement and athleticism and enthusiasm that you saw this morning.
Australia" begins with a zappy, bouncy montage introducing all principle characters.
After his zappy modern-dress beginning, McAnuff pulls off a master stroke when the Capulets' ball is held in full High Renaissance dress (Paul Tazewell did the wildly flamboyant costumes).
How about this for a zappy concept, as enticing as a Ziegfeld dance and as awe inspiring as a Mesopotamian Ziggurat?
Without anything to read on the train recently, I found myself perusing a report by NERA Economic Consulting with the zappy title Commissioning in the NHS, which asks very similar questions about health and comes to very similar conclusions.
Rather than poke fun at Mel Gibson's horribly gungho Patriot or Will Smith's zippy zappy alien flick Independence Day, July 4 should pay homage to a quintessential piece of American nostalgia.
From its on-screen creation to customer viewing, proofing, corrections, sign-off and even to the finished plate, a company's zappy new pack design need never venture out of virtual reality.
Scooters range from the Zappy Turbo, a folding electric scooter with a range of 5 miles and top speed of 18 mph [$399; (800) 251-4555; www.
In the drinks sector, the British, for example, have introduced simple bottles with attractive sleeves bearing a zappy, colorful picture that promotes the product.
Here's a zappy, let-your-hair-down-and-have-fun type, recently remodeled restaurant where Zorba-inspired waiters lead the dancing, stopping occasionally to bring bountiful trays of well-above-average Greek fare to your table.
His sales pitch is for zappy, in-yer-face Christianity - to the concern of the mainstream Anglican church, which sees CCE as too closely aligned with the all-American, all-controversial televangelism.
So the 350-seat recital hall and a zappy rehearsal studio embrace the court while pedestrian passages - gullies - from the south and from the car park to the west are bracketed by the main performance studio and painting lab and by lecture and screening rooms.