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zap out

Interrupt or delete unwanted parts of a television program or video, as in We've taped the show and now we can zap out all the commercials. [c. 1980]
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channel hopping

and channel surfing and channel zapping
n. using a remote control to move quickly from one television channel to another, pausing only a short time on each channel. I wish you would stop channel hopping! He spends more time channel zapping than actually watching.
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channel zapping

See also: channel, zap


1. tv. to shock someone. That fake snake zapped me for a minute.
2. tv. to kill someone. The stress from it all nearly zapped him.
3. tv. to impress someone. My big idea really zapped the boss. I may get a raise.
4. tv. to stun someone with an imaginary ray gun. He zapped me with a water gun.
5. exclam. Wow! (Usually Zap!) He said, “Zap!” indicating that he really liked the present, I guess.
6. tv. to defeat someone or a team. Fred zapped Britney in the spelling bee.
7. in. to zip or move to somewhere very fast. He’s zapping to the drugstore for some aspirin.


1. mod. tired; exhausted. I’m too zapped to go on.
2. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. We all got zapped and then went home.
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This negotiation supercedes all previous license and other distribution or asset agreements between ZAP and Smart Automobile, but does not affect ZAP's ability to purchase Smart Cars from Smart Automobile, nor the exclusive distribution right from Smart Automobile to ZAP provided for in other agreements, nor the transfer of DOT intellectual property rights.
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