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zigged when one should've zagged

perfomed one deed when another deed would have been better; to do something inconsequentially different from another thing. I don't know why she complained. I guess I zigged when I should have zagged.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. How can anybody get so zagged on three beers?
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In the NCAAs, they've come up just short several times, and fallen flat other times - which is why the 'Zags heard those annoying questions about the Sweet 16.
Unlike those other teams, the 'Zags have become an NCAA Tournament staple.
Ten years after it all began, the Zags continue to rise.
By the time Gonzaga's run was over - including yet a fourth alley-oop, from Stepp to Knight, and a fourth Stepp three-pointer - the Bulldogs led 70-42 and Stepp was on the bench, having scored or assisted on 11 of the Zags' first 12 field goals of the half.
His first year in Spokane, Stepp was one of just two Zags to start all 33 games.
But the Zags are even better this year, with Turiaf's emergence, Knight coming out of his redshirt year and the addition of the talented freshman class.
He finishes his warmup shots before his teammates, then goes and sits by himself on the Zags bench, watching his opponents shoot around.
"He's serious about what he does, and he's been that way since he came here as a freshman," said Stockton, who sits about five rows behind the Zags bench at home games.
Two nights before the Zags played Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine was in town.
Zag announces, and utilizes to its advantage, the notion that Canadians are some of the most indebted in the world, and that many of us dont know how to save properly.
Those common with Tangerines offerings will observe similarities in Zag: easy-to-understand savings products that offer, in this low-Prime Rate economy, comparatively high promotional interest rates of 2.5 percent, together with unsophisticated investment tools that walk users through the best prospects for saving as much money as likely.
Zag in the next six months will introduce chequing options, and, down the road, launch credit and more complex lending solutions for customers.
Zag in addition has mobile apps on iOS and Android that provide account maintenance, photo-based cheque deposits, and account transfers.
At present the banks like Zag, EQ Bank and Tangerine, like their mobile equal in Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo, wont look too different to their parent companies.