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zigged when one should've zagged

perfomed one deed when another deed would have been better; to do something inconsequentially different from another thing. I don't know why she complained. I guess I zigged when I should have zagged.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. How can anybody get so zagged on three beers?
See also: zag
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The Zags lost two-time WCC player of the year Blake Steppe and three- time first-team pick Cory Violette off last year's 28-3 club, but are succeeding despite starting one senior, two sophomores and a junior-college transfer.
Yet, the Zags have beaten Washington, Georgia Tech and Oklahoma State.
Education chiefs have complained to police about Findlay leaving his posh Jaguar on zig- zag lines outside a primary school.
However, a spokesman for St Charles Primary said: "Over the past two years staff at the school have voiced concern about Mr Findlay parking his car on zig- zag lines outside the school.
The Zags are an eclectic mix of overlooked players like Violette and fellow post player Zach Gourde.
Gonzaga (21-5, 11-1) update: The Zags are the West Coast Conference regular-season champions for the fourth time in six seasons.