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zigged when one should've zagged

perfomed one deed when another deed would have been better; to do something inconsequentially different from another thing. I don't know why she complained. I guess I zigged when I should have zagged.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. How can anybody get so zagged on three beers?
See also: zag
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At Completion, CPHL will assign to the Buyer 30% of the benefit of the Pok Loan and 60% of the benefit of the Zag Loan.
Using a 200 ms dwell time the doubly charged precursor ion for the ZAG tryptic peptide tpZAG147-162 at m/z 892 was selected in Q1 and 3 singly charged transitions were monitored in Q3: the y-ion PFDPAAQITK at m/z 1088 (CE: 40, CXP: 40), the y-ion PAAQITK at m/z 728.
Zag said: "Queen Elizabeth's courtiers used to stay in the house while she visited Kenilworth Castle to meet her lover, the Earl of Leicester.
Despite this new development, it did not stop the men 'frequently contacting' Zig Zag Productions.
Zig Zag unveiled two world premieres: Pearls, choreographed by Jahain Clark, and Entertaining Thoughts About Irreversible Facts, with music and choreography by Joel Schnee.
As with the water in Monahans 1998, Bodnar and his colleagues are anxious to measure the ratio of deuterium to hydrogen isotopes within the Zag sample.
Other new products from Zag include the Wonder Bin, a bag-loading indoor trash can.
ZAG acts normally in the body to regulate levels of fat, and these new results tell us that ZAG regulates the metabolic hallmarks of Type 2 diabetes as well as obesity," said Professor Michael J.
The benefits related to the contract, concern infrastructure of the airport platform and include: the supply, installation and delivery of modular buildings to renovate the premises occupied by Caribbean flying club horizon Martinique to ZAG.
uk) | Zig zag kimono PS12, bandeau PS6 and briefs PS5, sunglasses PS3, all Matalan | Zig zag kimono PS12, bandeau PS6 and briefs PS5, sunglasses PS3, all Matalan | Black high sided bikini, PS40, Marisota (marisota.
Yes, Zig and Zag are coming down from Planet Zog to host their Superbloopers show on RTE One at 8pm.
Republic Technologies, formerly Swedish Match, has tightened its grip on the tobacco accessories market by re-acquiring the UK rights to Zig Zag papers.
Swansea Council's Road Safety Team was working with St Helens Primary School in Swansea on the campaign to discourage thoughtless parents and drivers from parking on the yellow zig zag lines which are painted on the roadside at the entrance of school premises.
I alerted the PR company which sent me the DVD to the crass gaffe, while an equally stunned colleague - the Daily Post's Mike Chapple, who is interviewed on the programme - contacted the producers, Zig Zag.
The ZAG members warned that a "rush to real estate" by loss-shocked investors could make a bad situation even worse.