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bloom of youth

The most enjoyable and/or successful time of one's youth, likened to the bloom of a flower being its most prominent and beautiful moment. I have a great fondness for that age, when I was in the bloom of youth.
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fountain of youth

Anything reputed or promising to restore one's youth, vitality, or health, or at least the appearance thereof. At the age of 60, your grandmother looks fantastic! She must have discovered the fountain of youth. The way they advertise these skincare products makes you think each one is the fountain of youth or something.
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growing youth has a wolf in his belly

Young people who are growing seem to be hungry all the time. My teenage son has eaten every last bit of food in the house. I guess it's true that a growing youth has a wolf in his belly.
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the first flush of (something)

The beginning or early stages of something. Of course they're happy now—they're still in the first flush of marriage!
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A growing youth has a wolf in his belly.

Prov. Young people who are growing fast are hungry all the time. If you doubt that a growing youth has a wolf in his belly, you should see how much my fourteen-year-old cousin eats.
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Youth must be served.

Prov. Young people should be allowed to have fun. Don't lecture the young folks because they were out dancing all night. Youth must be served. I don't know where my daughter gets the energy for school, sports, and a full social life. Youth must be served, I suppose.
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(in) the first flush of ˈyouth, enˈthusiasm, etc.

when somebody is young or something is new: By then, he was no longer in the first flush of youth.In the first flush of enthusiasm, we were able to get everyone interested in helping.
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Group 2 -Karanah Youth Center, Al Jasrah Youth Center, Al Daih Youth Center, Damestan Youth Center.
Lisburn Youth needed extra time to beat Windmill Youth 3-1.
Most of the youth felt that, at some level, violence did impact their lives, neighborhoods and cities Furthermore, youth delegates discussed an array of prevention strategies, including:
Aimed at youth aged 18 to 35, the initiative will increase employment opportunities in these countries through the creation of microenterprise institutions.
Advocates say Bowen's story illustrates the difficulties LGBT homeless youth face in finding a shelter where they feel safe and welcomed.
Data from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBS) noted that 80% of individuals who use tobacco began before age 18.
But before the welcome mat is laid out, some foster youth supporters say the new law doesn't go far enough, because it gives counties the option to create this type of housing.
It's a program that is meant to provide individuals with the necessary skills to operate and own their own business, as well as to make them more marketable in the labour force," says Terry McGaghran, youth venture project co-ordinator.
What is desperately needed in America is for these questions to be answered, not once and for all, but as well and conscientiously as it can be done for the benefit of our children, our youth, and for the future of our earth.
With the same Internet-generation youth in mind, Holloway and Valentine (2001) coined the word "cyberkids" to describe young people whose lives are inextricably bound up with an Internet-saturated setting.
The decision that resulted represented collaboration between the CBO and the candidate that took into consideration the needs of the youth the organization served and the particular physical activity teaching specialties of the candidate.
org This is the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' youth action center.
Although this study did not include American Indian youth in its participants, it is well recognized that spirituality is a very important component of Native life and may potentially protect against substance misuse in Indian communities (Jones-Saumty, Thomas, Phillips, Tivis, & Nixon, 2003).
One of the emphasis in the new framework for mission and ministry for the Anglican Church of Canada is that of youth and I will certainly make that a priority in my primacy," said the primate during his maiden Web cast aired Oct.
The Tallulah youth prison, considered by some to be the worst juvenile facility in the country, is notorious for its cruelty.