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(the) youth must be served

1. Young people should be treated with forbearance while given enough freedom to express and understand themselves. You keep trying to force your kids into this strict mold of appropriate behavior and attitudes, but youth must be served. If kids grow up without being allowed to be kids, they'll turn out emotionally stunted. A: "I can't believe she didn't come home until 4 AM!" B: "Ah, leave her be. The youth must be served." I don't know why my daughter insisted on dyeing her hair pink for her 16th birthday, but youth must be served, I guess.
2. The beliefs, ideals, or ideologies of the younger generation as a whole must be considered and adopted. The company has adhered to the same traditions for the last 50 years, but the youth must be served or it will be in danger of becoming obsolete. The reason there is such a disconnect between politicians and young voters is that the former doesn't take to heart the lesson that youth must be served. You're going to alienate young adults if you keep ignoring and dismissing their concerns. The youth must be served.
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bloom of youth

The most enjoyable and/or successful time of one's youth, likened to the bloom of a flower being its most prominent and beautiful moment. I have a great fondness for that age, when I was in the bloom of youth.
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fountain of youth

Anything reputed or promising to restore one's youth, vitality, or health, or at least the appearance thereof. At the age of 60, your grandmother looks fantastic! She must have discovered the fountain of youth. The way they advertise these skincare products makes you think each one is the fountain of youth or something.
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growing youth has a wolf in his belly

proverb Young people who are growing seem to be hungry all the time. My teenage son has eaten every last bit of food in the house. I guess it's true that a growing youth has a wolf in his belly.
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in the flower of youth

In one's youth, viewed as the finest, most vital, or most exemplary part of one's life. A possessive adjective can be used between "of" and "youth." You're still in the flower of your youth—you have plenty of time to figure out what you want to do with your life. After Arthur Henry Hallam died in the flower of youth, his good friend, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, wrote the poem "In Memoriam A.H.H."
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the first flush of (something)

The beginning or early stages of something. Of course they're happy now—they're still in the first flush of marriage!
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the flower of youth

The time in one's youth in which they have the most vitality, good health, physical ability, etc.; the prime of one's life. A possessive adjective can be used between "of" and "youth." Those who fail to pursue meaningful careers or activities will spend their latter years longing for the flower of their youth. The community has been struggling to come to terms with the death of the three boys, all struck down in the flower of youth.
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youth is wasted on the young

proverb Young people do not appreciate all the good things about youth that they will come to desire once they are older. All the time and energy these kids have at their disposal, and they'd rather sit around all day watching TV instead of exploring the world around them. Youth is wasted on the young!
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A growing youth has a wolf in his belly.

Prov. Young people who are growing fast are hungry all the time. If you doubt that a growing youth has a wolf in his belly, you should see how much my fourteen-year-old cousin eats.
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Youth must be served.

Prov. Young people should be allowed to have fun. Don't lecture the young folks because they were out dancing all night. Youth must be served. I don't know where my daughter gets the energy for school, sports, and a full social life. Youth must be served, I suppose.
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(in) the first flush of ˈyouth, enˈthusiasm, etc.

when somebody is young or something is new: By then, he was no longer in the first flush of youth.In the first flush of enthusiasm, we were able to get everyone interested in helping.
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flower of youth, the

The best or finest time of life, at the peak of good looks, good health, and vigor. “He hath the flower of youth, wherein is the fulness of strength,” wrote Homer in the Iliad (ca. 850 b.c.). Shakespeare used similar language, but not the precise wording of the cliché. But John Dryden did, in Alexander’s Feast (1697), describing the lovely Thais “in flow’r of youth and beauty’s pride.”
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