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"What he's (Duterte) saying is, 'Stop arguing about this, you cannot even agree among yourselves.
In her statement, Olivia appealed to her four children who were trying to wrest control of the firm: 'If you can still find love and respect within yourselves for me, I simply ask you to stop your attempt of taking over the terminals, the branches and head office.
'Introduce yourselves to the traditional ruler of your host community and identify with the police and military formations as part of your personal precautionary measures,'' he said.
You should see yourselves contributing to the efforts of Selebi Phikwe revitalisation,' said Mr Molefhi.
"You can't expect other people to make you play better, you've got to find it within yourselves and you've got to know where you went wrong and correct it yourself.
You could seek some grace period before the decision is implemented so that you can prepare yourselves for the additional cost.
Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith.
"May the Passover feast pass in peace and joy with the wish to rid yourselves of everything inhibiting and blocking you in realizing your potentials, sharing the joy of this holiday of liberation and spring with your friends and all the people of good will," says Mostar Mayor in his Easter message of congratulations.
Take care of yourselves and cut off unhealthy food from your life to live a healthy and cholesterol free life.
"The questions shouldn't have been 'have a look at yourselves.' It should have been, 'here's why you need to have a look at yourselves.' "It appeared to be aimless finger pointing.
'Here, you are not just by yourselves, your number runs in thousands, your size is in soaring swells; summon up courage, go ahead and by best educating yourselves, go ahead and by best educating yourselves turn the world around', Vice-Chancellor impressed upon swarming multitude of students in attendance.
"Knock yourselves out calling us ill-educated Neanderthals and spit a bit more venom.
"I can't believe that Ahmeti and Thaci are still engaged in Przino" This is your chance to save yourselves and your parties.