yourself silly

(oneself) silly

To a state of giddiness or incoherence. Often used with the verbs "laugh" and "drink." That movie was hilarious! We laughed ourselves silly from beginning to end! A: "Ugh, I feel so horrible this morning." B: "Tough cookies. If you're going to drink yourself silly like that, then this is the price you're going to pay."
See also: silly

laugh yourself silly (or sick)

laugh uncontrollably or for a long time.
See also: laugh, silly

— yourself silly

be unable to act rationally because of doing something to excess.
1998 Time Out N.Y. Drink yourself silly at the long bar or chow down at the large tables in the back.
See also: silly
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Love, laugh, read, travel, play games, screw yourself silly, see movies and plays--do as you please, literally.
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Craft Yourself Silly thoroughly deserved to win the award, they have built an impressive distribution network in the US enabling them to tap into a burgeoning craft market there.
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ET in the mood for Hallowe'en by scaring yourself silly next month with a special showing of Psycho.
The directions on the back of the Cardiff Rain bottle states: "More Taff water than tap water, use pump to imitate fine Cardiff drizzle and soak yourself silly.
Lancashire SPOOKY TRICKS: If you want to scare yourself silly take the Terror Trail at Ribby Hall Village, near Blackpool, which meanders through woodlands uncovering the secrets of the original Ribby Hall Village.
This holiday is all about waking up when you want, spoiling yourself silly and doing absolutely nothing
But rather than just making an appointment with your GP, you Google the symptoms and worry yourself silly thinking it's something serious, or ignore it in the hope it'll go away.
So sit back and prepare to feast your eyes on Call The Midwife, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who and Still Open All Hours over Christmas and stuff yourself silly on soaps and seasonal specials galore.