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If, regardless of that counsel, you choose to make a beast of yourself now, and over-eat and over-drink yourself till you turn the good victuals into poison, who is to blame if, hereafter, while you are suffering the torments of yesterday's gluttony and drunkenness, you see more temperate men sitting down to enjoy themselves at that splendid entertainment which you are unable to taste?'
'Nothing more than you do, Arthur: your actions are all right so far; but I would have your thoughts changed; I would have you to fortify yourself against temptation, and not to call evil good, and good evil; I should wish you to think more deeply, to look further, and aim higher than you do.'
"Because you are a humbug, sir; and thought fit to worry people for half an hour, and tried to frighten them into believing that you would shoot yourself with your little empty pistol, pirouetting about and playing at suicide!
On the contrary, if I am not mistaken, I believe you are yourself indebted to Mr.
Of course, if you were really in love with her, if she were your mate, and all that sort of thing, you would take a pleasure in making yourself over to suit her requirements.
Half an hour's indulgence in these considerations works you up into a state of savage fury against everybody and everything, especially yourself, whom anatomical reasons alone prevent your kicking.
"It seems funny to me," said Pierre, "that you, you should consider yourself incapable and your life a spoiled life.
When you marry him you must save him from a cruel disenchantment by raising yourself to the level he fancies you have attained.
You will have sacrificed yourself, and will have the happiness which follows that when it is worthily done."
"You see, Buckingham," said Anne of Austria, sadly, "how you pass from one extreme to another, and fight with shadows, when it would seem so easy to remain at peace with yourself."
"You do not explain yourself, madame; my heart is full of bitterness, and I am in utter despair; no consolation, however gentle and affectionate, can afford me relief."
I waited till the morning, after hearing from my brother that you had yourself seen to your security from any intrusion.
Oh, no, I'm not vexed--don't worry yourself. I'm too sorry for you to leave any room for anger in my mind.
You see yourself that I have not come to chase and capture you like a hare.
Lecount or her master to yourself -- I wish you to arrange immediately for my residing