(one's) own man/woman/person

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(one's) own man/woman/person

Independent in action or thought; not accepting or swayed by outside influences. When I was younger, I would do anything my friends were doing, but I'm my own person now. You won't be able to manipulate her—she's really her own woman. You can't just accept everything you read in the media—you have to be your own man.
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(one's) own man

Independent in judgment and action.
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(one's) own woman

Independent in judgment or action: She has always been her own woman.
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Words realize nothing, vivify nothing to you, unless you have suffered in your own person the thing which the words try to describe.
Lisa said: "You need to be your own person, but you also need to concentrate on doing the job.
* You have to be your own person and figure out who you are every year.
Wartime gave many women something they'd never had - independence, earning your own money, being your own person."
How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person
You are your own person, and It's time to figure out how to share your gifts with the world and how to take good care of yourself and others.
"Kendall loves performing arts like me and shows us how to be your own person, and Azure makes me feel like I want to get up and 'dare the world.'"
You are still your own person and you should still hold yourself in high esteem.
Emma [not her real name] said: "You don't notice the manipulation and that you are not your own person any more.
"(Labelling or being compared to past players) is going to happen when you play for Australia, but I think it's all about going out and being your own person and playing your own way, and to let people judge you on that.
However, Doug says the comparisons can be frustrating at times: "He's not a bad person to be compared to but it's also tough because you always want to become your own person. You don't always want to be compared to someone else but it's most certainly not a bad comparison."
Among the benefits are attaining self control, empowering others and connecting with them, and being your own person while exercising good judgment, contending with uncertainty, and understanding why we exist.
That's good stewardship of your own person that doubles as good stewardship of the environment we share.
It's All About Trust, which is about being your own person and not following trends, was their best song of the night.
But, two years on, you've decided to become your own person, you've got a circle of fabulous friends and though I bet you have the odd pang of sadness and loneliness now and again, you've decided to put on a brave front and have what you call a "laff".