your opposite number

(one's) opposite number

Someone who has the same or very similar position, role, or function in a different group, company, or country; one's counterpart elsewhere. I've been going over the merger details with my opposite number in the XYZ Media. The Environmental Protection Agency and their opposite numbers around the globe have been negotiating new legislation aimed at curbing the effects of climate change.
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your ˌopposite ˈnumber

a person who holds the same position as you in another country, organization, company, etc: The American Secretary of State will meet his Russian opposite number tomorrow.She’s my opposite number in IBM.
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References in classic literature ?
So I said: "Why on earth didn't you see your Opposite Number in Town instead of bringing your office work here?"
An 80-yard punt down wind making your opposite number look a right eejit!
Merge all the miskicks, nutmegs and dropped crosses into one and it doesn't come close to the agony of losing a goal to your opposite number.
There's no doubt Parisse's a superstar, a fantastic player, but I don't think you come directly up against your opposite number all that much.