(one's) old man

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(one's) old man

1. One's father. We'll have to wait till my old man is asleep before we take the car out.
2. One's husband or male romantic partner. I'd better not stay for another drink, or my old man will start to wonder where I am! Her old man gets pretty jealous when she spends time with her male friends.
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old ˈman

(informal) a person’s husband or father: I go to see my old man every month. He’s 77 now, you know.Ask your old man if he can mend it.
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old man

1. n. (one’s) father. What time does your old man get home?
2. n. (one’s) husband. My old man is sick and can’t come with me.
3. n. (one’s) boyfriend. I got my old man to take me to see that movie I told you about.
4. and the old man n. the boss; a high-ranking officer. (Always with the in this sense.) The old man says do it, so you had better do it.
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Your old man is taking you and your mom out to cut the tree.
You trudge through the scrub, your old man carrying the chain saw, you've got the gas can, your mom coughs along behind.
I'm not turning any gap to the corner, your old man says, and he starts going deeper into the woods, looking up at crowns, the ax on his shoulder.
Your old man unwinds the snot-rag and looks down at the gash in the fleshy part of his hand.
When your old man takes another whack at the tree the ax handle slides out of his hands.
You and your old man look over at her, and she looks a lot older than the last time you saw her.
Your old man shoulders open the truck door, takes the ax out of the bed of the truck, and runs back into the woods.
Your old man jumps in the truck and you all drive off.
Back home your old man turns the big gap in the crown toward the corner of the room, then goes out to the shed.