your heart leaps

(one's) heart leaps

One feels a flutter in one's chest or stomach from happiness or excitement. I swear, my heart leaped the first time I saw my wife. My heart leaps every time I think of moving to Ireland next month.
See also: heart, leap

your heart ˈleaps

used to say that you have a sudden feeling of happiness or excitement: Her heart leapt when she heard a knock on the door, thinking it might be him. OPPOSITE: your heart sinks
See also: heart, leap
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Your heart leaps in your chest during every minute of play.
When you see a low-flying plane, or hear a broadcaster nervously announce there is "breaking news", your heart leaps and your mind goes back to that day in New York.
Your heart leaps to see young people eager to give their all for journalism, and veteran journos who care enough to mentor and cultivate the future of a newspaper industry that they certainly owe no debt.