your/somebody's face doesn't fit

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(one's) face doesn't fit

One's physical appearance or behavior is not well-suited for a specific job or task. That girl's pretty enough, but her face just doesn't fit for a couture ad campaign.
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your/somebody’s ˈface doesn’t fit

used to say that somebody will not get a particular job or position because they do not have the appearance, personality, etc. that the employer wants, even when this should not be important: It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, if your face doesn’t fit, you don’t stand a chance.
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"Sometimes your face doesn't fit. I last felt I played at my best at Nottingham Forest.
"Sometimes your face doesn't fit and mine doesn't at the moment.
"Sometimes it doesn't work or your face doesn't fit for whatever reason and that seems to be what has happened.
"Honesty is all you can ask as a player, it's like 'listen I'm doing well for my club, do I have a chance?' "If your face doesn't fit then it's important to know that, and if it's down to 'you know we prefer other players' then that's another thing.
Sometimes your face doesn't fit at a club, or you can be part of a particularly exceptional group, or your status just comes down to a couple of opinions.
What more can I do?' "If a coach thinks your face doesn't fit and she doesn't want to pick you, it's completely out of your control.
"Sometimes your face doesn't fit, or there's too much competition around, and you need to make the right decision to suit yourself and suit your game.
"When somebody tells you they don't think you're good enough, that your face doesn't fit, you don't just roll over.
"If your face doesn't fit now and people don't like you...
"They also manage his exit, rather than just tapping him on the shoulder and saying 'Your face doesn't fit any more.' "There should be a degree of credibility in getting a manager out the door.
It seems that it doesn't matter if you're a famous author or work in a factory: if your face doesn't fit any more, that's it.
"When he left, I never really got a look-in under John Hendrie, and you soon know when your face doesn't fit. When Harry Bassett came in, I thought everyone would start with a clean slate but I never even kicked a ball.