(one's) ears are burning

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(one's) ears are burning

Said by or of someone who did not witness people talking about him or her, intuiting that this is the case. Are you two talking about me? My ears are burning.
See also: burning, ear

ears are burning, one's

Be disconcerted by what one hears, especially when one is being talked about. For example, Were your ears burning? Jim was telling us about your exploits. Similarly, make one's ears burn means "to embarrass," as in Mom's stories about us as babies make my ears burn. These expressions allude to one's ears turning red from blushing.
See also: ear

someone's ears are burning

someone is subconsciously aware of being talked about, especially in their absence.
The superstition that your ears tingle when you are being talked about is recorded from the mid 16th century. Originally it was the left ear only that was supposed to do so.
See also: burning, ear

his, her, etc. ˈears are burning

a person thinks or knows that other people have been talking about them: Jenny’s ears must have been burning last night: we talked about her for hours.
See also: burning, ear
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A MY gran used to say if your ears are burning someone is talking about you but I suspect you have an allergy.
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