your better half

(one's) better half

One's significant other (typically one's spouse). Oh, there's my better half! Honey, come say hi to some of my work friends! A: "Wait, Jennie is Ken's better half?" B: "Oh yeah, they've been married for years."
See also: better, half

your better half

your husband or wife. humorous
See also: better, half

your better/other ˈhalf

(informal, humorous) your wife or husband: I’ll have to ask my better half about that.
See also: better, half, other
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With the Galaxy S7 Edge, your better half can have everything they need in one place.
You and your better half can make good on your New Year's resolution together with the Samsung Gear Fit 2.
With luxurious earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more you'll be spoilt for you choice when treating your better half.
If your better half is a music lover or a gadget fanatic, why not treat them to a new radio.
When your better half lets you watch the snooker you know that marriage is a fine thing.
Apparently former drinkers came out bottom of the performance pile, suggesting that if you're looking for something to fill the void after kicking the booze, you may be better off doing a nice crossword or watching re-runs of Holby City than switching on the Barry White and advancing on your better half.
Your wedding ring can represent your commitment to the planet as well as to your better half.
As children they might not be able to save themselves and your better half probably could.
When skywriting isn't an option, here's another way to surprise your better half with a declaration of love.
Rules may be rules, of course, but as the male population knows to its cost, you should never voice criticism of what your better half is stepping out in.
If you are preparing to jump at the chance to trade in your better half, this is not for you.
IF you've ever wished your better half dead then here's your chance.
Make the occasion special by leaving a written invitation for your better half, inviting them to spend the evening alone with you.
What if, as a keen swimmer, you're trying to time your lengths, but find it a bit difficult to do with you wristwatch and can't persuade your better half to sit at the side of water?