your bag

(one's) bag

slang Something one particularly prefers, desires, enjoys, or cares about. Often used in negative constructions. Thank you for the invitation, but long-distance cycling just isn't really my bag. I knew classic literature was your bag, so I thought you might like this book I found.
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be (not) (one's) bag

slang To be something that one is interested in or enjoys. Usually used in the negative. Dancing just isn't my bag—I always look really foolish. You can tell just by looking at her that fashion design is her bag.
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(not) your ˈbag

(informal) (not) something that you are interested in or good at: Poetry isn’t really my bag.
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The last thing you need is to play Tetris with the items in your bag when on-the-go.
For years I just threw my empty cases into one of the bottom compartments of my bag, but that is a sure way to fill your bag up with dirt.
But when you overload your bag, lift it incorrectly, or sling the pack Over one shoulder, you can strain the soft tissues in your back, including your back muscles, spinal cord, nerves, and blood vessels.
As you lift your bag, you generate a force of rotation called torque.
If the bright pink and luminous green bag that's been holding all your work essentials this summer is looking worn and dated, then it's time to update your bag wardrobe.
You can wear something classic and elegant, and your bag will add a final finishing touch.
Remember: you can avoid the charge by taking your bags with you when you go shopping.
But if you're short on cash, customising your bags will update your current look.