you haven't lived

(one) hasn't lived (until)

Has not experienced something particularly enjoyable or exciting (that the speaker is currently talking about). If you've never had caviar, then you haven't lived! You haven't lived until you've been to Paris—it's heaven.
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you haven’t ˈlived

used to tell somebody that if they have not had a particular experience their life is not complete: You’ve never been to New York? You haven’t lived!
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If you haven't slept on the equivalent of a narrow cushioned trestle table, with a kettle at your feet just inches away from a gas hob, then you haven't lived, writes Sarah Cowen-Strong.
If you haven't seen Ken Dodd Live, you haven't lived. And, of course, as he says this is an educational show: '"When you get out of here tonight, you'll say, 'Well that's taught me a lesson'."
Really, you haven't lived until you've watched the Grand National with Sandy and Sandra.
You haven't lived until you've bounced on a Garibaldi biscuit bridge, and each level is so full of funny little details that you could just stop playing and stare every step of the way.
It has been said that you haven't lived if you haven't seen one of the great comedians in action.
Just because you haven't lived that life doesn't mean it's "fictional" to another community of "oxygen-deprived adult moviegoers" And that "chitlin-circuit theatrical" gives audiences hope for something better than the difficult lives of illness, unemployment, crime and deaths.--LAUREAN
You haven't lived until you let your computer battery drop to eight per cent.
You haven't lived until you have tried one of them."
"You haven't lived until you've tried sexual healing.
"Some person much wiser than me once said that if you never discovered something you would die for, then you haven't lived. Well, you are both proof that I have lived.
/ You haven't lived, until you, partake of her charms, / you have not died, until you've died in her arms.
"Me and Alfonso have been mates for years and when we finished college we went out to Indiana to get some life experience after our chemistry teacher gave us some great advice; 'how can you write songs about life when you haven't lived'.
"You haven't lived until you've seen 300 gallons of chicken salad." Once food is cooked, it is pumped into bags in chilled water for rapid cooling (which prevents microorganisms from developing), frozen, and delivered frozen to the schools.
You haven't lived until you have tried to drag a full suitcase and a computer through two clamped fire doors and down a spiral staircase
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