you don't say!

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you don't say

1. Is that true? (Can be used to express genuine surprise or interest, or else as a general response that doesn't express surprise or interest). A: "My wife's cousin is the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots." B: "You don't say! Have you ever met him?" A: "I found a frog in the river behind the house today, and I decided to keep it as a pet in my treehouse." B: "Hmm, you don't say. Don't bring it into the house."
2. Used as a sarcastic response to something one considers obvious or self-evident. A: "Wow, this place is expensive!" B: "Oh, you don't say. It's almost as if it's the only restaurant in the entire state with three Michelin stars or something."
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you don’t ˈsay!

(spoken, often ironic) used to express surprise: ‘My brother’s an astronaut, you know.’ ‘You don’t say!’‘I was in the Scouts for six years.’ ‘You don’t say.’ (= I’m not interested/surprised).
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