(one) can whistle for it

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(one) can whistle for it

A phrase used to indicate the intent to withhold something from someone. After the way she treated me yesterday, I refuse to do her laundry anymore—she can whistle for it from now on!
See also: can, whistle

whistle for something

If you tell someone that they can whistle for something, you are telling them rudely that you will not give it to them. And if he wants a pay-rise, as far as I'm concerned, he can whistle for it! Note: There was an old superstition among sailors that they could make the wind blow by whistling.
See also: something, whistle

you, etc. can ˈwhistle for it

(British English, spoken) used to say that you are not going to give somebody something that they have asked for: ‘The boss wants that sales report this afternoon.’ ‘Well, he can whistle for it.’
See also: can, whistle
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