You can't win them all

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(you) can't win them all

A phrase said, often as an attempt at consolation, when one has lost or failed to achieve a desired result, especially after previous success. "Them" is sometimes abbreviated as "'em." I know you're disappointed to have the lost the game, but you can't win them all, honey. A: "I'm sorry, I know you worked really hard and were expecting an A+." B: "Eh, can't win 'em all."
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you can't win them all (or win some, lose some)

said to express consolation or resignation after failure in a contest. informal
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you can’t win them ˈall


you ˈwin some, you ˈlose some

(spoken) used to express sympathy for somebody who has been disappointed about something: ‘I made a terrible speech this evening.’ ‘Well, you can’t win them all. Don’t worry about it.’
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You can’t win them all

and You can’t win ’em all
sent. No one succeeds all the time. (Said when someone fails.) Don’t fret about it, Tom. You can’t win them all.
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