you can/can't talk

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you can talk

You are guilty of the same thing you have just criticized. A: "Kathy never pays attention in class." B: "You can talk! Just today I saw you reading a magazine during the lecture."
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ˈyou can/can’t talk

(also look who’s ˈtalking, you’re a ˈfine one to talk) (spoken) you should not criticize somebody because you are also guilty of the same fault: ‘He’s always late for appointments.’ ‘You can talk! You’re hardly ever on time yourself.’‘George is so careless with money.’ ‘Look who’s talking!’
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You can't talk about globalization without talking wireless and broadband.
Even if you can't talk to your mom or stepsisters about the challenges of stepfamilies, nixing the name-calling would be a move in the right direction.
You can't talk about God,' as if there's some monitor around whose presence implies if you do, the ACLU will have you arrested," observed Soaries.
You can't talk about objects in the early '60s without mentioning Dine (born in 1935) and his older colleagues, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, all rummaging around to see what object could be forced into a shotgun wedding with a canvas.
"I've always been kind of nervous about talking about this," she says, "because it is, in a certain way, something that you can't talk about.
"Issues like BSE cause concern when you can't talk to anyone else."
LG: (Silence) Me: I know you can't talk about your split from Mark but your PR is a friend of mine so I was just saying hello.
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