you (just) wait (and see)

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you (just) wait (and see)

You will see that what I have told you or predicted will turn out to be true eventually. I know you're going to get that job, you just wait! You wait! I bet Susan has some wonderful surprise lined up for your birthday. I'm going to blow everyone out of the water with my performance, you just wait and see!
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You (just) wait (and see)!

 and Just (you) wait (and see)!
Inf. Wait and see what will happen.; If you wait, you will see that what I predict will be true. John: You'll get what you deserve! Just you wait! Jane: Mind your own business. Bill: Things will get better. You just wait and see! Sue: Sure, but when?
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(just) you ˈwait

used to emphasize a threat, warning or promise: Just you wait till your father gets home!I’ll be famous one day, just you wait!
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