you're only young once

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young once

A phrase emphasizing that someone will not be young forever. Typically used in the phrase "you're only young once." You need to go skydiving with us. Come on, you're only young once—it's time for an adventure!
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you're only young once

You will not stay young forever, so you should take risks and try new things now while you are free and able. You need to go skydiving with us. Come on, you're only young once—it's time for an adventure! I decided to sell my things and buy a one-way ticket to India. You're only young once, after all.
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you’re only young ˈonce

(saying) young people should enjoy themselves as much as possible, because they will have to work and worry later in their lives: ‘Don’t you think Tony should get a job over the summer?’ ‘Well, you’re only young once — there’s plenty of time for that later.’
See also: once, young
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"I believe you're only young once and if it lifts you and makes you walk with more confidence, then why shouldn't you?
"And then I realised I need to give this another shot because you're only young once." And she said that sport is once again her first love.
And who could blame them, after all, you're only young once.
3 Their first radio series was called You're Only Young Once and ran from 1953 to 1954.
"You're only young once and to really have a wonderful time and enjoy it, she has the rest of her life to be an adult.
You're only young once, so positivity during dark times is as important to us as anything else.".
"You're only young once. Here for a good time, not a long time."
Of course you should wear your high heels - you're only young once. All you need to do is slip some clever Rollasoles (pounds 6.95, into your handbag and pop them on for the journey home.