you're kidding

you're kidding (me)

You cannot be serious; I don't believe it; this can't be true. A: "Did you hear that Sam got promoted to General Manager?" B: "You're kidding me! That guy couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag!" Oh, you're kidding! How can the traffic already be so backed up?
See also: kid

you’re ˈkidding


you must be ˈkidding

(spoken) used to show that you are very surprised at something that somebody has just said: ‘Did you hear about Christine? She won some money on the lottery.’ ‘You’re kidding! How much?’You’ve called the police? You’re kidding me!
See also: kid
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If you look elsewhere to try and deflect blame then you're kidding yourself.
But if you take a moment to think about it, you know you're kidding yourself.
What begins as a traditional retelling of a well-known folktale is the sudden (and continuing) disruption by another voice: the doubting, critical and quirky listener who constantly asks the question (in a variety of guises), "Come on, you're kidding me?
If people want to close their eyes and say, 'Oh, it's not happening and cricket is very clean', you're kidding me, that's rubbish," Waqar was quoted, as saying.
With Neptune still side by side with the Sun, things are a little hazy, and someone can think that you're being unrealistic, and that you're kidding yourself about a scheme, a relationship or an aspiration.
So if you think you're going to persuade everybody to sit on that cold mountaintop with you and try to bundle up against that uncaring blast, you're kidding yourself.
It wasn't explained to me in advance, so once or twice it was a case of me saying, 'Oh, you're kidding, we have to stop now?
If there isn't then I think you're kidding each other and we're not like that - we all have opinions.
I'm rather envious of her ability to morph from Virginal to You're Kidding, Right?
If a gal thinks you're kidding when you propose on bent knee, what the heck will it take to convince her you really do have marriage in mind?
I love everything about them - the weird flavour combinations and the fact that they don't adhere to the standard square pieces, which is particularly handy when you're kidding yourself on about your diet.
Advanced Maths by Smart E Pants; 40 Yards To The Loo by Willy Makeit and Betty Wont, Almost Late by Justin Time; Body Parts by Anne Atomy; Carpet Fitting by Walter Wall; Who Killed Cock Robin by Howard I Know; Without Warning by Oliver Sudden and You're Kidding by Shirley U Jest.
I'd muse on the decline of the steelworks while having a cup of frothy coffee (cappuccino - you're kidding, right?