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under the yoke

Under or at the mercy of an immense and oppressive force, burden, or pressure. Thousands of people are estimated to have lost their lives under the yoke of the brutal dictatorship. Under the yoke of misogyny, racism, and homophobia, a gay woman of color will inevitably face an immense amount of discrimination in our society.
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pass under the yoke

To be humiliated in defeat. The phrase derives from the ancient practice of humiliating troops by having them walk under a yoke that was symbolic of the victorious army. Many enemy soldiers passed under the yoke of the Roman army. Having to attend my rival's medal ceremony is like passing under the yoke.
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yoke around someone's neck

Fig. something that oppresses people; a burden. John's greedy children are a yoke around his neck. The Smiths have a huge mortgage that has become a yoke around their necks.
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yoke people or things together

to connect two people together with a yoke; to connect two animals together with a yoke. Todd yoked the oxen together for the parade. Sam yoked Fred and Tom together so they could pull the load.
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get some yokes on

tv. to build up one’s muscles. (Bodybuilding.) If I keep working at this, I know I can get some yokes on.
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mod. having well-marked abdominal muscles; have heavy muscles. That guy is really yoked. I wonder how much he works out.
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n. muscles; abdominal muscles. (see also yoked. Also seen as yolks. Possibly as if muscular shoulders can be seen as yokes of muscle.) Look at the yokes on that broad.
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