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Yoke material appears to be plastic; suggest removal of all plastic yokes from service and replacement with aluminum.
When starting them out as small calves, you'll need several yokes of different sizes as they grow.
Yokes are usually broken because of improper storage.
The white yokes were brought back in 1964 but lasted only two seasons, while a type of yoked shirt was used in 1983-84.
To date 4,500 Yokes have been sold and they are proving so popular that Matt has given up his job as digital director at a major publishing company to concentrate on running and developing the business.
Leadwires, shrouds and yokes are available in multiple colors.
said Tuesday it is recalling a total of 565,756 vehicles in nine models for replacement of faulty intermediate shafts and sliding yokes.
Levi yokes Scotus to Ockham as the chief perpetrators of the scholastic impasse, under the heading of nominalist theology, although he recognizes the fact that Scotus was a realist.
Park Tool discovered that some of the thermoplastic yokes on early designs were breaking.
The plant floor is chockablock with vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, and multi-spindle chuckers that process knuckles, wheel hubs and driveline yokes and flanges.
So much easier than the yokes we often choose to take on ourselves.