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pass under the yoke

To be humiliated in defeat. The phrase derives from the ancient practice of humiliating troops by having them walk under a yoke that was symbolic of the victorious army. Many enemy soldiers passed under the yoke of the Roman army. Having to attend my rival's medal ceremony is like passing under the yoke.
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under the yoke

Under or at the mercy of an immense and oppressive force, burden, or pressure. Thousands of people are estimated to have lost their lives under the yoke of the brutal dictatorship. Under the yoke of misogyny, racism, and homophobia, a gay woman of color will inevitably face an immense amount of discrimination in our society.
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yoke around (one's) neck

An oppressive, debilitating burden. (A "yoke" in this context is a heavy frame or harness usually fitted around the necks of draft animals to pull carts, plows, or other loads.) I wish I had never bought that house. The mortgage on it has turned into a real yoke around my neck. He finally realized that he was in a toxic relationship, and he vowed to free himself from that yoke around his neck.
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yoke together

1. Literally, to harness two or more people or animals together with a yoke (a heavy frame or harness usually fitted around the necks of draft animals to pull carts, plows, etc.). A noun or pronoun can be used between "yoke" and "together." The cruel captain yoked together the prisoners and forced them to march on foot. He didn't yoke the oxen together properly, causing the whole cart to topple over on the uneven path.
2. To bind or join two or more people together in some condition, activity, or situation. Often used in passive constructions. A noun or pronoun can be used between "yoke" and "together." I knew the moment I met her that we had to be yoked together for the rest of our lives. He was pretty resentful that the boss had yoked him together with that idiot Richard for this project.
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slang Having a physique characterized by very large and well-defined muscles. Did you see the guy over by the volleyball court? Dude is totally yoked. It was my goal to spend the summer lifting weights and getting yoked.
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yoked up

slang Having a physique characterized by very large and well-defined muscles. Hyphenated if used before a noun. Did you see that yoked-up dude over by the volleyball courts? Dude's biceps are bigger than my head! It was my goal to spend the summer lifting weights and getting totally yoked up.
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yoke around someone's neck

Fig. something that oppresses people; a burden. John's greedy children are a yoke around his neck. The Smiths have a huge mortgage that has become a yoke around their necks.
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yoke people or things together

to connect two people together with a yoke; to connect two animals together with a yoke. Todd yoked the oxen together for the parade. Sam yoked Fred and Tom together so they could pull the load.
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get some yokes on

tv. to build up one’s muscles. (Bodybuilding.) If I keep working at this, I know I can get some yokes on.
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mod. having well-marked abdominal muscles; have heavy muscles. That guy is really yoked. I wonder how much he works out.
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n. muscles; abdominal muscles. (see also yoked. Also seen as yolks. Possibly as if muscular shoulders can be seen as yokes of muscle.) Look at the yokes on that broad.
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The poka yoke solution was fixture redesign that placed ESD-safe plastic over the openings in the fixture bed that created the issue.
Usually three bands of beadwork decorate the yoke, often applied directly to the hide; two bands of beadwork are sewn and one band along the shoulder fold.
(Tax), Amy Dalen, Esq., Michael DeLuca, CPA, MBA and Kena Yoke will discuss how tax elections and corporate structure selection may impact the profitability of a business.
The right ski went into some overflow and the outboard welds on the ski yoke broke.
Highly entertaining and so well written, I encourage those who are people of faith or who are questioning their faith and looking for a good story to pick up "The Yoke"."
The head yoke, traditionally used in southeastern Europe and western Asia, actually straps to the horns of the oxen.
The yoke uses patent-pending control loading technology to provide highly accurate control forces and realistic trim representation in a consumer priced yoke.
He took his good right hand off the throttle and placed it on the yoke just moments before the landing.
Just before touchdown "his prosthetic limb became detached from the yoke clamp, depriving him of control of the aircraft".
With seconds to spare, the 46-year-old pilot switched his right hand to the yoke to regain control, but it was a bumpy landing.
Someone before me has attempted to unbreech it by prying on the yoke from inside of the receiver that attaches to the locking plunger.
Company's Pail Partner[TM] lifter/transporter's yoke securely holds a plastic or metal pail just below its rigid collar.
In fact, the nations which were previously under the Soviet yoke have wanted to join Nato because they absolutely don't want to suffer the Soviet-built yoke of oppression again...