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The charity's president stated that Kimse Yok Mu had intended to provide aid to 2 million people in need, and that the latest reason given by the administration when rejecting its proposal was that the aid organization had previously been given an administrative fine.
Saying that the organization has been conducting various campaigns for Ramadan -- charitable contributions being a central tenet of the holy month -- such as distributing food to people in need and providing clothes to orphans, both in Turkey and abroad, Kimse Yok Mu Deputy Director General Levent EyE-boy-lu told Today's Zaman that the charity campaigns of the organization will continue despite the government's restrictions and what is seen as arbitrary oppression.
Kimse Yok Mu officials called for more help from its volunteers for the charity in Senegal where more than 500,000 orphans are in need of help.
Burgos: We are pleased to cooperate with Kimse Yok Mu and Turkish community
"We [the Philippine army and Kimse Yok Mu] sent aid to thousands of people affected by Typhoon Haiyan.
EyE-boy-lu also revealed that the Kimse Yok Mu has intensified its aid efforts in Palestine in recent years, with more than TL 3 million in aid sent to Palestine just in 2014.
Ho's younger brother Ho Yok Kam, 69, who told reporters at the scene about the wedding plans, said he had rushed over from his home in Kuantan, located about an hour's drive away, as soon as he heard the news.
Ha Tae Yok, for his part, confirmed the readiness for the further cooperation with provision of assistance of financial police in the issues of increasing the potential in the sphere of financial investigations and combating economic crimes and introduction of advanced methods and technologies on solving new types of crimes.
As a result of initiatives made to YOK, our youth will now be able to continue their education at universities in Turkey."
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish charity organization Kimse Yok Mu has organized an international cartoon competition titled "refugees" in order to raise awareness of the difficulties facing migrants who fled their homelands and set out on dangerous journeys to Europe.
LAHORE -- Punjab Welfare Trust for Disabled (PWTD) and a Turkish NGO, KIMSE YOK MU, on Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for making joint efforts for elimination of cataract disease.
Kimse Yok Mu (Is Anybody There) was one of the first international groups to send relief teams to Tacloban City, ground zero for the most powerful storm ever to hit land.
Ayni zamanda skalalarin her iki ucuna agri alt skalasi icin "agri yok" ile "olabilecek en siddetli agri", yetersizlik alt skalasi icin "zorluk yok" ile "yapilamayacak kadar zor", aktivite kisitliligi alt skalasi icin "hicbir zaman" ile "her zaman" ifadeleri kullanildi.
Hastalara ait demografik ve klinik ozellikler Hasta Yas Cinsiyet Etiyoloji Tumor Tipi 1 14 K Tumor Retinoblastom 2 19 K Tumor Retinoblastom 3 63 E Tumor YHK 4 66 K Tumor MM 5 45 E Tumor BHK 6 18 K Tumor Retinoblastom 7 75 K Tumor MM 8 5 E Tumor Retinoblastom 9 5 K Tumor Rabdomyosarkom 10 29 K Sinoorbital mukormikozis Hasta Rt Proteze Takip Oykusu Baslama (ay) Zamani 1 Var 132 54 2 Var 102 289 3 Var 3 24 4 Var 13 24 5 Yok 15 42 6 Var 156 96 7 Yok 5 28 8 Var 46 6 9 Var 30 48 10 Yok 10 24 RT: Radyoterapi, YHK: Yassi hucreli karsinom, MM: Malign melanom, BHK: Bazal hucreli karsinom Tablo 2.
CPEX's Office Sales Team, consisting of managing director David Muessel, associate director Yok Lee and associate Jacques Esses, represented the seller and procured the purchaser, a private investor.