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have (something) up the yin-yang

To have a great or excessive abundance of something. The company's had financial difficulties up the yin-yang lately, but the CEO is adamant that it will start making a profit again soon. Sorry, I can't come out tonight, I've got homework up the yin-yang.
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up the yin-yang

To an excessive or extreme degree; in great or excessive abundance. The company's had financial difficulties up the yin-yang lately, but the CEO is adamant that it will start making a profit soon. I only buy video game consoles after they've been out a while and stores aren't charging up the yin-yang for them.
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Long-term health is within reach, Arend affirms, and Be Healthy with Yin Yoga argues that it can be accessed through Yin Yoga's ability to bring the body, mind, and spirit together in harmony.
The scam involved Yin working with a military attorney through a phony company and depositing the money into a Chinese bank. After sending the money, the two planned on meeting at a restaurant for her birthday, but he never showed up.
In the world of personal finance, yin and yang is also applicable.
Etymologically, yin refers to the shady (dark) side and yang the sunny (bright) side of the hill.
Yin Junhua of China (red) and Nesthy Petecio of the Philippines (blue) (MONEY SHARMA / AFP)
She was obviously beautiful as her day master was yin metal, which symbolizes jewelry.
Yin added that cheques must be used for such official programmes as these would have been processed properly.
Based in the company's San Francisco headquarters, Dr Yin will work as an analyst covering global therapeutics.
According to Sovanndy, Yin said he could not recall the soldiers' names.
Dutchwoman Anne van Dam and American Angel Yin's new found friendship will be put to the test when they head out for what should be a tense final 18 holes of the Omega Dubai Ladies Classic on Saturday morning.
The company said Weidong Yin's Consortium A is led by Weidong Yin and SAIF.
The ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang is renowned for describing how opposite or contrary forces actually are complementary, interconnected, and interdependent.
Abbreviations CTDS: Computerized tongue diagnostic system TB: Tongue body area TB [a.sup.*]: The mean [a.sup.*] value for the tongue body area TCM: Traditional Chinese medicine TKM: Traditional Korean medicine WT: Whole tongue area WT [a.sup.*]: The mean [a.sup.*] value for the whole tongue area YD: Yin deficiency YDS: Yin-Deficiency Scale YDQ: Yin-Deficiency Questionnaire.
"Basically, when the crystal materials are applied to an electric field, they generate uniform reflecting distributions, that can deflect an incoming light beam," said Shizhuo Yin, professor of electrical engineering in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
Changyuan Group (CYG Group) has announced acquisition of textile machinery manufacturer Shanghai Yin Science and Technology Company (Yin Group).