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yield to pressure

To give into outside forces urging someone to do something. Sally wasn't even going to apply for that boring job, but she yielded to pressure from her mother and submitted her resume nonetheless.
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yield the ghost

To die. Based on the idea that one's spirit leaves the body when one dies. More commonly expressed in the phrase "give up the ghost." Susie called me in tears when grandma yielded the ghost after her long illness. Well, if the mechanic can't work his magic this time, it looks like Marshall's car will finally yield the ghost.
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yield someone or something (over) (to someone or something)

to give up someone or something to someone or something. (The over is typically used where the phrase is synonymous with hand over.) You must yield Tom over to his mother. Will you yield the right-of-way to the other driver, or not? Please yield the right-of-way to me.

yield someone or something up (to someone)

to give someone or something up to someone. He had to yield his daughter up to Claire. The judge required that Tom yield up his daughter to his ex-wife. Finally, he yielded up the money.
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yield something to someone

1. . to give the right-of-way to someone. You must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. You failed to yield the right-of-way to the oncoming car. 2. to give up something to someone. The army yielded the territory to the invading army. We yielded the territory to the government.
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yield to someone

1. to let someone go ahead; to give someone the right-of-way. Please yield to the next speaker. She yielded to the next speaker.
2. to give in to someone. She found it hard to yield to her husband in an argument. I will yield to no one.
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yield to

1. To give oneself up to someone, as in defeat: The platoon chose to fight to the end and would not yield to the enemy.
2. To give way to some pressure or force: The door yielded to a gentle push.
3. To give way to some argument, persuasion, influence, or entreaty: I'm dieting, but I sometimes yield to temptation and eat a cookie.
4. To give up one's place, as to one that is superior: The moderator opened the conference and then yielded to the chairperson.
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yield up

To sacrifice or concede something: The inhabitants of the city yielded it up to the invaders without a fight. I sometimes dream of yielding up the comfort of modern society to live in a cabin in the woods. The boxer held the heavyweight title for three years and then yielded it up to a young contender.
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3t/ha) were identified this year as the highest yielders of retted straw'' explained Dr Jim Dimmock, crop scientist for the flax and hemp project at Bangor.
The South Dyke herd currently has 300 milkers, double the number pre-2001, and with the exception of lower yielders which are put to the Belgian Blue or Limousin bull, all the herd, which is 25% Jersey, is AI'd exclusively with semen from New Zealand sires through the Livestock Improvement Corporation.
Providing straw stocks hold out this summer, the high yielders will stay in between the night and morning milkings, to ensure they have plenty of time to eat their ration.
Analysts forecast portfolios are likely to include only ten per cent worth of higher yielders, including OLOs.
Two thirds of the flock are bred pure to produce replacements and, through a careful selection process, milk production has risen to average 285 litres a ewe, rising to a maximum of 600 litres from the highest yielders.
The highest yielders are fed up to an additional 15kg in the out-of-parlour feeders.
Out of parlour feeders are used to top up the high yielders, benefiting cows in early lactation and helping prevent later lactation milkers becoming too fat pre-calving.
During the summer the cows are paddock-grazed, ensuring they receive fresh grass each day, and the high yielders come inside during the night, where they receive a similar ration to the one they eat during the winter.
The dollar was mixed overnight as it see sawed against high yielders but saw weakness against the sterling despite European equity markets trading higher.
The cows are out at grass during the day from the end of April and are housed from the end of September-early October, depending on the weather, but we are feeding them all the year round with the complete diet mix with the cows split into two groups; high yielders, and low yielders with dry cows," said Geoff Wilson.
While this may be a pair that has greater stability than the standard pair due to its composition of two high yielders, the risk of a breakout is still very high.
Another feature is that the speed of the parlour's rotation can be set to accommodate low and high yielders.