yes sir

yes sir

1. Literally, a respectful affirmation to a man. A: "Adams, report to your CO at 0800 hours." B: "Yes sir! A: "Will you have the report finished in time for my board meeting?" B: "Yes sir, I'm just finishing up the final points now."
2. Used to emphasize what one just said, rather than being addressed to anyone in particular. Ouch, that is one nasty looking cut you've got there, yes sir! Yes sir, this new lawnmower will take care of that grass in half the time it used to take!
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ˌyes ˈsir!


ˌyes sirˈree!

(spoken, especially American English) used to emphasize that something is true: That’s a fine car you have. Yes sirree!
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References in classic literature ?
"You want to try it on," Matvey understood, but he only said, "Yes sir."
Faeldon agreed, 'Yes sir, that will trigger the processing of the release until the superintendent will issue the final release order.' /je
Gandhinagar (Gujarat) [India], Jan 1 ( ANI ): Students across Gujarat will now answer their mandatory roll call by saying 'Jai Hind' or 'Jai Bharat', instead of 'Yes Sir' or 'Present Sir'.
Yes sir, yes sir, three tanks full.' Whether vehicle obsessed or not, children will love Sharratt's trademark bold illustrations and friendly characters.
All the time you are working, that man Trump, he is President of the United Sates sir, he is sleeping in his bed in the White House' 'Good Lord no!' 'Yes sir, I will call and you just see sir!
The 28-year-old player struts and wiggles his way through the 1977 Baccara hit single Yes Sir, I Can Boogie in bright red lipstick and stockings.
Will you accept that in fact you froze?" "Yes sir," said Mr Duckenfield.
Mr Greaney went on: "Do you agree with the following, that people died in a crush in the central pens?" Mr Duckenfield said: "Yes sir." Mr Greaney said: "That if they had not been permitted to flow down the tunnel into those central pens that would not have occurred?" The witness repeated: "Yes sir." The barrister continued: "That closing the tunnel would have prevented that and therefore would have prevented the tragedy."
Yes sir, brought up to such a high standard by by parents who are on benefits is indeed a credit.
Yes sir, I do believe what Netanyahu a.k.a Bibi is grumbling about Iran is true.
Yes sir, this rolling tumbler will put your little one firmly in control (and safe, too), as he/she is ensconced inside its protective inflatable honeycomb structure.
Yes sir, Elton John will play the DCU Center March 12.
According to the police, Carnahan Robert Michael had checked into ' Yes Sir' hotel around 1.20 am on Saturday.
Caller: Yes sir, I need an ambulance as soon as possible, sir.
The trainer also added that Yes Sir was a likely runner in the Gold Cup at Cheltenham on Saturday, for which the nine-year-old is a general 50-1 chance.