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yellow brick road

A path believed to lead to success or adventure. A reference to the path of the same name in the fictional land of Oz, popularized by the film The Wizard of Oz, based on the works of L. Frank Baum. Jenna took the internship thinking that it would be the yellow brick road to her dream job.
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yellow dog

A despicable person or thing. I can't believe you get so invested in these debates—all politicians are yellow dogs that can't be trusted.
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yellow grease

Used cooking oil, often in the fast food industry. A: "What are those huge containers for?" B: "Oh, I think they hold the restaurant's yellow grease."
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yellow light

An indication to slow down, likened to a yellow traffic light, which means slow down, proceed with caution, or prepare to stop. I would not ask her out yet, dude—she was totally giving you the yellow light. Sally took the comments from her teacher as a yellow light not to push for extra credit just yet.
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yellow press

Journalism with the primary aim of sparking reader interest—reporting the facts are secondary. I can't believe you read those tabloids—they're just yellow press stuffed with ads.
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yellow state

A US state strongly influenced by the Libertarian Party. This will never be a yellow state—the Libertarians are just not as entrenched here as the Democrats and Republicans.
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yellow cake

1. A spongy cake that is yellow in color, due to the use of egg yolks. It is often frosted and served at birthday parties. Do we have any yellow cake mix? I think I want a yellow cake for my birthday—I'm not in the mood for chocolate right now.
2. Uranium oxide powder that is produced by the milling of uranium ore. Often spelled as one word. Yellowcake can be used in the making of nuclear weapons, so its trade is heavily scrutinized.
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yellow journalism

Sensationalistic journalism with the main goal of attracting attention and readers, rather than presenting an unbiased account of the news. It may have begun at the turn of the century, but yellow journalism is alive and well, from the supermarket tabloids to all the talking heads on cable news.
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Cowardly. I'm not surprised that Tom didn't come to the rally—he's too yellow-bellied to defend his beliefs in public.

yellow streak

A tendency to be cowardly or easily frightened. She likes to strut around like she's the boss of the place, but she has a yellow streak running down her spine if you ever confront her on an issue. He knew what they were doing was wrong, but his yellow streak kept him from intervening.
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have a yellow belly

 and have a yellow streak down one's back
Fig. to be cowardly. Tex has a yellow streak down his back a mile wide. He's afraid to cross the street!
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yellow streak (down someone's back)

a tendency toward cowardice. Tim's got a yellow streak down his back a mile wide. Get rid of that yellow streak. Show some courage.
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a ˈyellow streak

(disapproving) the quality of being easily frightened; cowardice: He won’t fight? I always thought he had a yellow streak in him.
Yellow is often used to describe somebody who is a coward.
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code yellow

a urinary accident. (Jocular word play based on a hospital’s PA announcements of various color codes.) Whoops. Code yellow. Change the sheets and the mattress.
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have a yellow streak down one’s back

tv. to be cowardly. (Have got can replace have.) wrong. If you have a yellow streak down your back, you don’t take many risks.
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mod. cowardly. A: Mooshoo says you’re yellow. B: Wanna make something of it?


mod. cowardly. What yellow-bellied skunk ran off with my horse?


n. a coward. Tell the yellow-belly to come outside and say that.
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A red or green sample may be yellower or bluer than the standard, and a yellow or blue sample may be redder or greener than the standard.
Her large, even teeth were yellower than they used to be and there were lines in her face, vertical and cut for life, strange to me, something she'd put together on her own time and applied to herself.
If your teeth are yellowed with age, don't wear white because it makes them appear yellower
When attempting to make clear bottles from PCR, you will notice they will be somewhat darker and often yellower than those made of virgin PET.
Red wheat straight grade flour and bread crumb were yellower than those from white wheat, and they corresponded to higher carotenoid levels.
Pulse-width modulation can be readily achieved in vehicle lighting systems and has an advantage over filament based sources in that dimming LEDs in this way does not appreciably shift the chromaticity or color appearance, whereas dimming filament sources will result in increased relative long-wavelength output and a yellower color appearance.
The flesh of the pawpaw is opaque, a little yellower than banana, closer to the color of lemon meringue pie filling.
For a sweeter flavour, look out for golden kiwis, which have a yellower flesh.
With the untreated boards, AE values are higher than their unexposed counterparts, indicating a discernible color change, the boards being darker and yellower.
She tells me, 'No question, these are yellower and look bigger, not so flat.
We were the driest place in Britain and everything was getting yellower and yellower.